14 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, Jacob’s father starts to cause trouble for the residents.

Elsewhere, Fiz fears she’s facing a miserable Christmas, while Daisy attends an important appointment about her health.

Here’s a full collection of 14 big moments coming up.

1. Jacob meets with his dad

jacob, damon, coronation street


Jacob’s estranged father Damon continues to hang around Weatherfield. Jacob rejects him, telling Amy that his dad hasn’t been in touch for years and is a waste of space.

Amy thinks that Damon deserves a second chance, so Jacob reluctantly heads out for a drink with him. Jacob remains frosty towards his dad, but Damon insists that he wants an opportunity to make amends for not being around.

2. Damon makes demands at the Bistro

damon, jacob, coronation street


Damon visits the Bistro to discuss the money that Nick recently took from Harvey. Nick is forced to continue his cover-up, making out to Leanne that Damon is an old friend who’s happy to lend them some money.

Leanne is concerned when Nick adds that Damon is Jacob’s dad, unsure whether they can really trust him. Damon starts to make his presence felt by demanding that Jacob gets a job at the Bistro in exchange for the money.

3. Griff’s supporter is revealed

spider nugent, griff, coronation street


Griff puts his next plan into action by inviting Max on a camping trip with the rest of the gang. Spider worries and steps up his attempts to gather evidence against Griff.

Meanwhile, the identity of Griff’s secret financial backer is revealed to viewers.

4. Max heads off on the trip

max turner david platt, coronation street


Despite warnings from David that it’s not a good idea, Max heads off on the camping trip.

The time away doesn’t end the way that Max expected – but is he any closer to realising that he’s being manipulated by dangerous extremists?

5. Spider tries to secure Toyah’s silence

spider nugent, coronation street


After the dramatic events of the week, Spider’s undercover secret is under threat and he urges Toyah to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Griff persuades Max that he needs to lie to the police about the events of the camping trip.

6. Adam plays peacemaker

daisy midgeley adam barlow, coronation street


Daniel avoids Daisy, insisting that he’s not strong enough to support her through her health concerns. Adam steps in by encouraging Daisy to read the article that Daniel has been writing.

The piece explores how Daisy has helped Daniel to find love again after the tragic loss of Sinead. Daisy is moved by these heartfelt words and she considers whether it’s time to give Daniel another chance.

7. Daisy and Daniel are reunited

daisy midgeley daniel, coronation street


Daniel finally supports Daisy by joining her for the appointment at the breast clinic.

Daniel later reveals that the article he wrote about Daisy wasn’t accepted to be published. Daisy encourages him to focus his efforts on returning to teaching instead.

8. Daniel’s proposal plans go wrong

daniel osbourne and adam barlow in coronation street


Daniel asks Jenny for her blessing to propose to Daisy and shows off the engagement ring.

Later, Daniel is horrified to discover that there has been a break-in at Number 1 and all of the presents are missing from under the tree – including the ring. Daniel confides in Jenny about how his romantic plan has been ruined.

9. George is quizzed over his Christmas plans

glenda shuttleworth, george shuttleworth ,coronation street


Glenda, Sean and Mary all confront George at the pub, wanting to make sure that Eileen gets a decent Christmas gift after being presented with a bespoke funeral plan last year.

George is encouraged to reveal what he’s planning to treat Eileen with this year.

10. George’s plans take shape

glenda shuttleworth, george shuutleworth, coronation street


George worries when Laurence offers to help Eileen find a new sofa. George steps in and warns that he has already bought one for Eileen as a Christmas surprise.

Later in the week, George bans Eileen from returning home as her Christmas present is coming. Eileen is pleased that he seems to be making much more effort this year.

11. Billy and Paul worry about Summer

billy mayhew, coronation street


Billy and Paul panic as Summer has gone AWOL.

They report Summer to the police as a missing person. However, the officer explains that if Summer is found, it’s up to her whether her location can be disclosed.

12. Tyrone’s secret Christmas plan comes under threat

tyrone, coronation street


Fiz suggests to Tyrone that they should book a cottage in the Lake District for Christmas.

This worries Tyrone, who fears that his careful plans for the surprise Christmas wedding are going to be ruined.

13. Fiz starts to get a bad feeling over Christmas

fiz stape, coronation street


With Tyrone’s plans so top secret, Fiz becomes concerned that they have nothing special lined up for Christmas Day. Tyrone is pleased that the element of surprise is going so well, but he may be misjudging the situation as Fiz becomes increasingly disappointed and annoyed.

Later, as Tyrone looks forward to the best Christmas ever, Fiz moans to Maria that it’s going to be the worst one ever.

14. Mary and Brian grow closer

mary taylor and brian packham in coronation street


Glenda has to cancel plans to go carol singing with Mary, so Mary asks Brian to step in.

Brian gazes at Mary fondly as they prepare for their outing, with a romantic spark clearly growing.

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