18 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Amy is rushed to hospital, Sonia plans Dot’s funeral and Whitney discovers she’s pregnant.

Here’s a full collection of the 18 biggest moments coming up:

1. Jack learns his fate

jack branning, eastenders


      Jack’s job is on the line after the police detective’s angry attack on teenager Denzel.

      Jack tries to make things right by asking Denzel’s dad Howie to let the lad start hanging out with Amy again. But the damage is done and Howie shuts down Jack.

      2. Amy is rushed to hospital

      jack branning, amy mitchell,  eastenders


      Amy feels guilty about reporting Jack to the police.

      When Nugget winds up Amy by claiming Jack has been sacked, it causes her to self-harm again.

      Jack and Denise are left fearing the worst when they return home to find Amy being taken away in an ambulance…

      3. Martin supports Sonia

      martin fowler, eastenders


      Sonia is still trying to process the devastating news that her beloved step grandmother Dot has passed away in Ireland.

      She finds emotional support from Martin, who offers to help her plan Dot’s funeral.

      4. Dotty faces the music

      martin fowler, dotty cotton, eastenders


      Dotty is in the bad books of Kathy and Rocky, after being exposed as Harvey’s catfisher.

      Will everyone find out the truth about what Dotty has done?

      5. Janine struggles with her jealousy

      janine butcher, mick carter, eastenders


      Janine is still paranoid about her engagement to Mick, especially when she hears he has gone Christmas shopping with his ex-wife Linda.

      Later, Janine calls the registrar, but what is she up to now?

      6. Jack is left devastated over Amy

      amy mitchell, jack branning, eastenders


      Jack is overcome with emotion at Amy’s hospital bedside.

      The nurse tells Jack and Denise that Amy must see a psychiatrist before she is allowed to be discharged.

      Jack is devastated and tells Amy that he can’t lose her.

      7. Denzel and Amy have a heart to heart

      denzel, jack branning, eastenders


      Denzel reaches out to Amy after she returns from hospital.

      During an emotional heart-to-heart, Amy asks Denzel if they can get back together.

      8. Sam lays down the law… again!

      nugget, denzel, ricky mitchell, jack branning, eastenders


      Denise is getting increasingly annoyed with Jack’s ex Sam laying down the law.

      Sam has a go at the residents of the Fox/Branning house about her son Ricky Jr having to deal with Amy’s medical emergency alone.

      How will Jack react when he hears from Denise about Sam’s latest outburst?

      9. Finlay and Felix plan a party for Whitney

      chelsea fox, felix baker, finlay baker,eastenders


      Finlay and Felix plan a 30th birthday party for Whitney.

      The brothers are excited when Sam does them a deal to use Peggy’s as the party venue.

      10. Whitney discovers she’s pregnant

      whitney dean, stacey slater, eastenders


      Whitney and Stacey bump into each other at the pharmacy and discover they are both there to buy a pregnancy test kit.

      They decide to take the tests together back at the Slater house.

      Whitney later tells Chelsea that she’s pregnant, but doesn’t know how to tell Zack – who is the father.

      11. Zack gets a new job

      zack hudson, eastenders


      Zack is excited to hear he has been hired as the new chef at Walford East.

      But he’s unaware that Whitney has some big news of her own to tell him.

      12. Dot’s funeral is planned

      sonia fowler, dotty cotton, eastenders


      Martin, Sharon, Patrick, Jay and Kathy help Sonia get everything arranged for Dot’s funeral.

      They are determined to make it a send-off fitting for one of Albert Square’s most beloved residents.

      Later, as Sonia looks through a box of Dot’s belongings, she breaks down in tears.

      13. Jean thinks Stacey is pregnant

      jean slater, eastenders


      Stacey and Eve are alarmed when they find a positive pregnancy test in the bin.

      They immediately jump to the conclusion that Stacey must be pregnant, which causes her great amusement.

      14. Zack is hit by a baby bombshell

      whitney dean, zack hudson, eastenders


      Zack is horrified when he accidentally discovers the truth about Whitney’s baby bombshell.

      Unable to face the reality of becoming a dad, what will Zack do?

      15. Kim’s dinner disaster

      amy mitchell, jack branning, denise fox, patrick trueman, kim fox, ricky mitchell, denzel, eastenders


      Kim attempts to unite the residents of the Fox/Branning house with a surprise family dinner.

      But things don’t go quite as planned, when a tactless moment from Kim sends fragile Amy into another downward spiral…

      16. Alfie and Freddie’s fundraising plans

      alfie moon, kat moon, eastenders


      Wheeler-dealers Alfie and Freddie need to raise more cash for the community Christmas panto.

      They approach Sharon for some sponsorship money. But what will she want in return?

      17. Dot’s emotional tape recording

      sonia fowler, eastenders


      Dotty tries to make amends for her latest bad behaviour by finding a cassette player, so that Sonia can listen to a tape that Dot recorded many years ago.

      Sonia is overcome with emotion as she hears Dot’s voice again.

      18. Jack and Denise continue to clash

      jack, kim fox, denise fox, eastenders


      Jack and Denise clash over what’s best for Amy.

      When Jack forgets to pick-up Denise’s son Raymond, and declines an invitation for Whitney’s 30th birthday party, Denise is hurt and angry.

      With their relationship on shaky ground, Denise hits the bottle to forget their troubles.

      EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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