90 Day Fiancé: Darcey’s Rare No-Filter Photo Shows Real Face & Hair

Fans are shocked to see unfiltered, makeup-free photos of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum Darcey Silva, which show her frizzy bleached hair.

Popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Darcey Silva’s new filter-free photo has surfaced on social media, which shows how she really looks. The 48-year-old reality star has opted for dozens of procedures over the last few years, completely changing her physical appearance. Besides, she has always flaunted the cosmetic results of using heavy makeup or unrealistic filters. The same happened when Darcey recently got botox and fillers and showcased her chiseled face and pointy jawline on Instagram.


However, 90 Day Fiancé viewers have finally discovered Darcey’s rare filter-free look. A Redditor with the username Many-Individual7448 shared the reality star’s natural look, with no filter and minimal makeup. The photos showed Darcey with her mouth moving, as her huge eyelashes and frizzy hair stood out. The original poster wrote, “I can’t with the eyelashes..” More Redditors chimed in with their opinions and talked about other aspects of the photo. One fan wrote, “Just the eyelashes? Don’t forget the deep fried hair.” Another fan wondered what happened to the Connecticut native and asked, “Oh Darcey 🙁 what have you done.”

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Some critics felt sad for Darcey and called her out for changing her natural beauty with extreme beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures. A Redditor added, “Snatched #eyeontheprice #bossbabe #girlboss….. here’s my #onlyfans,” and imitated the way the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum acts on her Instagram while promoting her adult content. Another Redditor stated, “You can’t tell she doesn’t take care of herself on the daily,” and claimed that it is quite sad how Darcey has transformed her looks over the years. Someone else remarked it’s shocking to see the TLC star like this because she’s so much into beauty. A Redditor added, “At least put on false strip lashes.”

Darcey looked tired and stressed in the photos, and it didn’t seem like she had done her eyebrows or hair. That’s why fans pointed out that she is no longer caring for herself. However, some people feel the real reason the mother of Aspen and Aniko looks like this is that she can easily get it fixed by someone else. Since Darcey is a beauty and fashion influencer, she always gets brand deals from cosmetic clinics, which makes it easy for her to get new procedures frequently. Sadly, most fans think it is a terrible way of living and feel that the Connecticut native is damaging her beauty.

Still, it seems Darcey knows what she’s doing and understands what makes her popular. She uses procedures to alter her look because it is what makes her the talk of the town on Instagram. Darcey continues changing her looks and using filters because that is what makes social media users talk and helps her stay famous. She and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, recently won the reality royalty award at American Reality Television Awards. This accolade shows that the popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise twins know what they’re doing to be successful and would always have their eyes on the prize.

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