90 Day Fiancé’s Bilal Slammed For Giving Shaeeda Bad Business Advice

90 Day Fiancé fans are slamming Bilal Hazziez for giving his wife Shaeeda Sween confusing advice, claiming she does not have enough business credit.

90 Day Fiancé fans are once again calling out Bilal Hazziez, now for giving his wife Shaeeda Sween poor business advice. Bilal and Shaeeda made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé season 9, when Shaeeda moved to Kansas City from her home country of Trinidad to marry Bilal. The couple have now returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7, where Shaeeda is working to establish her roots in the United States. Shaeeda has received her work permit and is determined to open up a yoga studio, however, Bilal is making it rather difficult for her.


Bilal told Shaeeda that she did not have enough business credit to open up a yoga studio, but many 90 Day Fiancé fans on Reddit are questioning the validity of his claims. Reddit user bgiesey began a thread writing, “Bilal out here sounding like some misogynist Dave Ramsey business type trying to gaslight Shaeeda out of her dreams…”. They continued to explain that Bilal’s advice was not credible, as you do not need business credit to start a business. Bilal originally told Shaeeda that he would help her start her yoga studio financially, and the couple even added a clause on the matter to their prenup agreement.

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90 Day Fiancé Fans Find Bilal To Be Hypocritical With Shaeeda

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

Bilal from 90 Day Fiancé is infamous among fans for being a hypocrite, and his business advice for Shaeeda is no exception. On a recent episode of Happily Ever After, Bilal and Shaeeda took a trip to New York City, where they met up with one of Shaeeda’s best friends, Eutrice. When the topic of the yoga studio came up in conversation, Bilal told Eutrice that he would help Shaeeda build a website for a yoga studio. Many fans found this to be very hypocritical, as Bilal originally told Shaeeda that he would financially help her with opening up her studio.

90 Day Fiancé fans also find Bilal to be a big know-it-all, and believe that he thinks he knows best as he is a successful realtor and has made it clear that he is wealthy. Several fans in the comments pointed out that since Bilal is a realtor, he should know that there is no such thing as business credit. Many fans suspect that Bilal is trying to back out of investing in Shaeeda’s studio, and is trying to buy himself some time by telling her that she cannot just open one right away. Bilal’s knowledge of business is certainly questionable, and his claims about business credit left many fans baffled and confused.

Bilal gained a reputation as a villain during his time on 90 Day Fiancé season 9, and he does not seem to be redeeming himself so far on Happily Ever After. Many fans believe that Shaeeda is too good for Bilal, and they do not understand why she puts up with him and his antics. Bilal has a habit of making promises to Shaeeda, and then later tries to find a way to back out of them as he currently is with the yoga studio. Bilal has also not been able to give Shaeeda a clear answer on when he would like to have more children, as this was added to the prenup as well.

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