90 Day: The Single Life – Signs Debbie’s New Romance Is Just A Sham

Debbie and Tony’s connection on 90 Day: The Single Life is one of the sweetest storylines on the show, but some fans are worried that it is fake.

Debbie Johnson has been flaunting her new relationship on 90 Day: The Single Life, but some fans are convinced it’s just for the cameras. Debbie has had some ups and downs since appearing on 90 Day Fiancé season 6 as Colt Johnson’s meddling mom. After causing his breakups with multiple women, she and Colt had a falling out.

Debbie had a glow-up for 90 Day: The Single Life, and it seems to have worked for her since she found herself a man. Unlike many stories on the show that rely on blind dates or an online connection, Debbie’s story actually has a mix of both. Tony is a landlord in Canada, and one of his tenants happened to be friends with Debbie, saying that they might be perfect for each other. They started talking on the phone before meeting in person and sharing an instant connection. While some fans love how their relationship has progressed, others think it is a sham.


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Tony Isn’t Debbie’s Type

Debbie Johnson and boyfriend Tony on 90 Day Fiance in side by side photos

After Debbie’s husband passed, she was happy to stay single for over a decade, so fans found it hard to believe she was suddenly willing to date someone who she said wasn’t even her type. Tony’s thinner shape and number of tattoos are not what Debbie usually goes for, but she met him nonetheless. For this reason, some 90 Day Fiancé fans think the producers set Debbie up with Tony for the sake of an interesting storyline rather than a genuine connection.

Tony Is In The Spotlight

Debbie and Tony from 90 day The Single Life seated together

Tony would hardly be the first person from 90 Day Fiancé to agree to the show for publicity benefits. Whether cast members are trying to promote their business, become influencers, or just snatch their 15 minutes of fame, viewers are naturally wary of everyone’s intentions. Though Tony and Debbie’s relationship may be real, he has been in the news a lot with his controversial tattoos.

Tony & Debbie Are Moving Fast

Debbie and Tony kissing on 90 Day Fiance The Single Life

One of the biggest red flags from Tony and Debbie’s relationship is how quickly they are moving on 90 Day: The Single Life. Debbie said it herself: they had only been together in person for 36 hours when they said they were falling in love with each other. Tony continued shocking fans by asking Debbie if she would move to Canada with him. Many fans are hoping it really is true love, and Tony and Debbie genuinely want to start their lives together, but others are worried that the story is just too convenient to be real.

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