Avatar 2’s Kate Winslet On Whether Leonardo DiCaprio Would Join Sequels

Kate Winslet, who plays Ronal in Avatar: The Way of Water, weighs in on whether she thinks Leonardo DiCaprio would join the announced sequels.

Avatar: The Way of Water star Kate Winslet comments on whether she thinks Leonardo DiCaprio would be interested in joining James Cameron’s planned sequels. Coming 13 years after the record-breaking original film, Cameron’s latest creation picks up the story of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Sandaña) as they attempt to protect their family from a new threat. Avatar: The Way of Water, as the title suggests, sees the Sully family seek refuge with the ocean-dwelling Metkayina clan of Na’vi, led by Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) and his wife, Ronal (Winslet). Cameron is expected to continue the franchise with a third film in 2024 and potentially two additional sequels after that.


While Avatar 3 was filmed alongside the latest sequel and is currently in post-production, the fourth and fifth installments have yet to officially enter production. In a recent interview with IMDb, Cameron and Winslet were asked whether a Titanic reunion with DiCaprio might be on the cards for the upcoming sequels. Cameron reveals that neither Avatar 4 nor 5 have been cast yet, meaning the door is open for the actor to join the franchise, but Winslet doesn’t think her friend and former co-star would be interested. Check out Winslet’s full comment below:

“No, it’s definitely not Leo’s bag at all. No, he’s more of like a dry land kind of a guy.”

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Avatar: The Way of Water’s Underwater Acting Explained

Kiri smiling underwater in Avatar: The Way of Water.

In order to bring the film’s breathtaking underwater sequences to life, Cameron’s sequel used groundbreaking performance capture technology in an actual underwater environment. Due to the difficulty of accurately capturing how bodies move and interact with water in CGI, a massive water tank was constructed for Avatar: The Way of Water, with actors like Worthington, Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Winslet, Curtis, and others having to perform while fully submerged. In order to be able to stay underwater for long periods of time, the cast learned to hold their breath for extreme durations, with Winslet achieving an incredible 7 minutes-plus, beating a previous Hollywood record held by Tom Cruise.

While spending many hours every day in a large water tank is likely a very different and uniquely challenging acting experience for the cast, the method evidently paid off in the final film. Not all critics are in agreement regarding other aspects of the sequel, but it is almost unanimously agreed that Avatar: The Way of Water is a technical marvel and a gorgeous visual experience the likes of which audiences have never seen before. With the latest sequel having filmed back-to-back with the third film, it’s possible that more underwater Na’vi action is in store for fans with the expected follow-up.

Everything We Know About The Remaining Avatar Sequels

Britain Dalton as Lo'ak in Avatar: The Way of Water

Cameron has previously expressed that a third film is essentially a guarantee at this point since it’s already been shot, but whether audiences get the fourth and fifth film will depend on how the latest sequel performs at the box office. Avatar: The Way of Water has thus far been performing quite well and shows signs of longevity at the box office, meaning it’s certainly possible that the remaining films, which have already all been written, get the green light. As for story details, not much is known about Avatar 3, 4, or 5 just yet, but each one is expected to explore new regions of Pandora while continuing the story of the Sully family. Cameron has previously expressed that film 4, in particular, features some explosive franchise developments.

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