Best Post-Wedding Couple Pictures Of Love Is Blind’s Brennon & Alexa

Love Is Blind season 3 stars Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux tied the knot on the show. They’ve been active on Instagram, posting cute couple photos.

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux got married on Love Is Blind season 3, and they never miss an opportunity to post adorable couple pictures on social media. Netflix recently dropped the Love Is Blind finale, and the last episode revealed which couples got married during the unique relationship experiment. Fortunately, Alexa and Brennon (who are fan favorites) both said, “I do” at the altar. Now, fans are intrigued, since the duc is giving sneak peeks of their post-married life online.


The Love Is Blind experiment worked in Alexa and Brennon’s favor. The couple seemed to be in love from the start. Alexa liked Brennon’s maturity and goofiness, whereas Brennon loved Alexa’s confidence, and everything else that she had to offer. From building up to a strong emotional connection in the pods, to dealing with real-world messiness together on Love Is Blind, Alexa and Brennon have come a long way. Fans always rooted for this pair, as they were one of the most genuine couples featured on the series. After getting married on the show, Alexa and Brennon are relishing their time together. They’re vacationing, partying, and creating incredible moments, which they share on their respective Instagram profiles.

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Love Is Blind’s Alexa Posted Photoshoot Pictures With Brennon

Alexa has updated her Instagram name from Alexa Alfia to Alexa Lemieux. Fans are amazed to see Alexa and Brennon actively posting adorable couple photos on Instagram. Recently, Alexa posted pictures from a photoshoot with Brennon, which happened a long time ago. She was holding his hand while posing on the beach. Alexa was wearing a black body-con dress that perfectly flaunted her curves, and Brennon took a chance with an off-white outfit. Alexa captioned her post with praise for Brennon, saying, “Ok sorry just one more because I’ve been dying to post these for a year and a half. I’m the luckiest girl alive to be married to this man.”

Love Is Blind Star Brennan Shared First Date Picture With Alexa

Brennon shared a throwback picture with Alexa. It was taken after he got engaged to her on Love Is Blind, and they went on their first date. Brennan, through his caption, explained that he went on a first date with Alexa after returning to Dallas. This date has created unforgettable memories for the couple. “I am honored to have been able to call Alexa my fiancé,” Brennon said in his caption.

Love Is Blind Star Alexa’s Praising Her Better Half, Brennon

Alexa adores her better half, Brennon, and she is having the time of her life being married to him after Love Is Blind. The couple has been married for a year and a half, and they are more in love than they have ever been. Sharing her married life experience, Alexa posted a series of pictures featuring her and Brennon celebrating with family and friends, having fun while vacationing and partying, enjoying sports on weekends, and generally celebrating their love. Alexa captioned her post with, “This man has changed the way I look at life and shown me what truly matters. He’s taught me how to love and how to not take life so seriously. I love you so much my cowboy.”

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