Big Bang Theory Star Reveals Secret Detail On Penny & Amy’s Painting

Mayim Bialik reveals a secret detail in Penny and Amy’s friendship painting on The Big Bang Theory and it makes the artwork even funnier. After years of living without any friend group, Amy was thankful to have Penny and Bernadette in her life. But while both are important to her, she is drawn specifically towards Penny, thinking that she’s the coolest because of her real-world experience and wit. To commemorate their friendship, Amy gifted Penny a painting of them together which she commissioned for $3,000. The illustration features her grinning while Penny smiles awkwardly. The illustration was so massive and it swiftly became one of the sitcom’s more memorable props.


In Jessica Radloff’s book The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, Bialik talks about the painting and reveals that there’s a detail on it that was a last-minute addition. Apparently, Amy’s hand on Penny’s shoulder wasn’t originally going to be there which is why it looked so big. Read Bialik’s full story below:

The size of it was definitely shocking the first time I saw it because it really is enormous. Kaley and I posed for some photos that the painter based it on, but my hand was not over her shoulder originally, so that was added in. But for whatever reason, if you look super close, it definitely doesn’t look like a woman’s hand. It’s certainly not my hand. And so every time I look at it, all I can see is this giant hand!

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Amy & Penny’s Painting Location Is Still A The Big Bang Theory Mystery

Painting of Amy and Penny that Amy gave her in TBBT

Originally, the painting was in Penny’s apartment – she had no choice but to take it, knowing that refusing it would break Amy’s heart. However, after she moved to Apartment 4A while Amy and Sheldon started living together in her old flat, the enormous illustration also changed locations. For a while, it seemed like the friendship painting was over at the bigger apartment with the Hofstadters, but not long after the swap, The Big Bang Theory revealed that it was back in its old place at Apartment 4B. The sitcom didn’t make a big fuss about this detail, and it’s unclear if this was an honest mistake from those involved in the show or if it was intentional. But unless CBS provides a definitive answer about its location, it will remain a debatable detail for fans.

In real life, however, Amy and Penny’s big painting is displayed in Chuck Lorre’s office. It recently popped up in a Young Sheldon behind-the-scenes image with Missy actress Raegan Revord. Looking at it now, Amy’s hand does look like it wasn’t supposed to be there. Despite that, it actually makes the illustration much funnier. It’s almost as if Amy requested it at the last minute in an effort to make it look like she’s closer to Penny. It’s no secret that for the longest time, Sheldon’s love interest idolized his friend and the painting was her way of showing how much she valued their friendship. The good thing is, Penny was mostly gracious about Amy’s obsession, hence why she ultimately accepted the illustration.

After the end of The Big Bang Theory, no updates have been given about how the Pasadena gang is doing now. Young Sheldon has given fans clues about the status of Sheldon and Amy’s marriage, but there hasn’t been any word on whether they are still close friends with the Hofstadters. Perhaps CBS can provide new information about them when the proposed The Big Bang Theory reunion inevitably moves forward.

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Source: The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series

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