Chicago Med season 8: Is Dr. Archer leaving the show?

Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) is not one for vulnerability. He’s the resident grump of Chicago Med, and he prefers to maintain a professional relationship between him and the rest of his co-workers. That is, for the most part.

Archer shocked fans when he confided in Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) and told her that he’s been battling kidney disease, and if his renal diet didn’t take, he will have to resort to dialysis. It was a profound moment between the two unlikely work friends, but it also raised questions regarding Archer’s future.

Is the character going to continue to treat patients? Will his health force him to quit?

What illness does Archer have on Chicago Med?

Dialysis treatment would definitely sideline Archer’s practice, and make it difficult for him to follow through with his medical duties. It’s evident from his decision to tell Asher that the possibility of all this is weighing heavy on his mind, but the fact that it’s still early on in his battle is hopeful.

It was smart of the show to align Archer with another character on the heels of Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) leaving, given the close (albeit complicated) the relationship between the two of them has been over the years.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to suggest that Archer will be leaving Gaffney anytime soon. Steven Weber has been added to the main cast this season, so barring some unforeseen reasons, his exit would not make much sense.

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There’s also the rumors of an Archer and Asher romance, which has befuddled fans as much as it has intrigued them. The two could not appear to be more opposed, but their troubled pasts give them a bond that’s proven to be stronger than initially expected.

Neither actor has confirmed that there will be a romance down the line, but Weber and Schram have said that they are open to the idea, and that it would bring out previously untapped parts of their characters. This would all be impossible, of course, if Archer was no longer around.

We’re confident that the good doctor will remain, though we’re less certain on the future of his love life.

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