Coronation Street accident drama in killer Stephen storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street killer Stephen Reid secretly hopes for another death this Christmas as Teddy Thompkins suffers a shocking accident.

Stephen has spent the past few weeks desperately covering up several secrets – with his guilt over Teddy’s son Leo top of the list.

Back in September, Leo discovered that Stephen was plotting to scam his own mother Audrey Roberts.

A subsequent showdown between the two men led to Leo losing his life. Stephen disposed of his enemy’s body and made it look like Leo had left for Canada.

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In scenes airing at Christmas, Leo’s former girlfriend Jenny Connor announces that Teddy has called from Canada and has some new information to share regarding Leo.

Stephen broods over this, fearing that it can’t be good news for him.

The following day, Teddy turns up outside the Rovers Return for a planned meeting with Jenny.

Stephen intercepts him and Teddy explains that Leo didn’t arrive in Canada. Teddy has discovered that the misleading texts sent “from Leo” actually came from someone in Weatherfield.

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Teddy now wants to share the troubling news with Jenny, but as he crosses the street, he’s hit by a van.

Nick Tilsley witnesses the accident and fears the worst as Teddy lies unconscious in the road.

Jenny also hurries over, but Stephen can’t help thinking that it’d be much easier for him if Teddy didn’t survive. He dares to hope that his problems have been solved by this cruel twist of fate for Teddy, but will this really be the case?

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