Coronation Street airs shock Hope hammer scenes

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tonight’s (November 24) episode of Coronation Street saw Hope suspended from school after re-enacting one of her dad John Stape’s murders with a hammer.

Earlier in the episode, Hope took the hammer from Tyrone’s tool box and told her friend Sam that she wanted to make people “sit up and take notice” of her.

Quoting PT Barnum, she said: “‘Be cautious and be bold.’ The great American showman. My inspiration. People travelled miles to see his shows. Why? ‘Cos he knew how to put bums on seats. I intend to do the same.”

When Sam suggested that people at school were only pretending to be her friend in order to hear more about John Stape, Hope responded menacingly: “If they’re not my real friends I’ll kill them.”

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Over at Underworld, Fiz caught Sally reading the John Stape book and became visibly angry. Sally defended herself, saying she needed to read the part about her daughter Rosie. The section in question was titled: ‘Stape’s dangerous liaison with a ditzy school girl.’

Sally then went on the attack, telling Fiz she should have stopped the book and that she agreed with the part of the book that described Hope as her father’s daughter.

Hope, meanwhile, was busy charging the kids at school £5 for another reading from the book in question. “You pay for the whole seat, but you’re only going to need the edge,” she told them.

Hope later heard her peers talking about her, where they described her as a “total nut job” and said “the men in white coats will come and take her away”.

At that point Hope pulled the hammer from her bag and demanded: “What did you say?”.

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After finding the cash Hope had stowed away, Fiz received a phone call from Hope’s school. Arriving at the school with Tyrone, they were shocked to learn that Hope had re-enacted John’s murder of Charlotte Hoyle using a hammer.

The headteacher told Fiz and Tyrone about Hope’s lunch time crime club. “Today she topped it all by producing the hammer. She was waving it about. It was the screams of the other children that alerted Stanley. She bought a hammer into school! A murder weapon!”

Fiz and Tyrone were also shocked to learn that Hope’s behaviour had led to a popular teacher opting to take early retirement.

After being informed that Hope would be suspended for a week, Tyrone made the decision to take a week off work in order to spend time with Hope and convince her that he really does care about her. This only fuelled Hope’s behaviour and she later boasted to Sam that she had Tyrone wrapped around her finger.

Will Fiz and Tyrone be able to get through to their daughter?

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