Coronation Street: Hope plots to kill Tyrone as she vows to make him pay?

Hope Stape in Coronation Street has vowed to make her stepdad Tyrone pay for letting her down.

But will the schoolgirl go as far as to kill him?

Fiz and Tyrone are back together (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Hope feels let down by Tyrone

Although Tyrone is not Hope’s biological dad, she has always seen him as a father figure.

Hope was devastated when he left her mum Fiz last year to be with Alina Pop.

However a couple of months ago, Fiz and Tyrone got back together.

Ever since, the couple have been faced with more obstacles.

Fiz found out someone was writing a book about Hope’s biological father, killer John Stape, and although she and Tyrone tried their best to stop it being published, they were unsuccessful.

But Hope decided to use the book to make money and began selling signed copies at school and giving readings in return for cash.

In tonight’s episode (Thursday, November 24) Hope took a hammer into school and when she overheard some year 11 girls badmouthing her she got the hammer out.

Soon Fiz got a call and had to go to the school.

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Hope at school wielding a hammer on Corrie
Hope did a re-enactment of John killing Charlotte (Credit: ITV)

Headteacher Mrs Crawshaw told Fiz and Tyrone that Hope re-enacted the moment that her father John murdered teacher Charlotte Hoyle.

Mrs Crawshaw pointed out that some of the teachers knew John and Charlotte and that the re-enactment caused a lot of distress and Hope would need to be out of school for a week.

Back at home, Fiz and Tyrone told Hope off, but she feared that Tyrone would leave them again.

Later he made a plan so they could spend some time together. But Hope revealed her true plans over the walkie-talkie to her best friend Sam.

She told him she had a week off school and her dad wrapped around her little finger, revealing her plan to make Tyrone pay for letting her down.

What will Hope do?

Hope wants to make Tyrone pay for letting her down (Credit: ITV)

Will Hope kill Tyrone?

Although Hope is only 11 years old, she has caused a lot of trouble.

She started multiple fires including one last year which nearly killed Tyrone’s then-girlfriend, Alina, who was pregnant.

Hope wasn’t happy that Alina and Tyrone were having a baby and set fire to cot, not realising that Alina was asleep in the flat.

She also got her cousin Joseph to hide in her attic while his family thought he was missing.

Recently she started reading the book about her dad and started to see they had a lot in common.

What lengths will Hope go to to get revenge on Tyrone?

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