Coronation Street star Alan Halsall on Tyrone’s big wedding mistake

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Alan Halsall has spoken about this year’s big Christmas storyline for the first time.

The actor’s character Tyrone Dobbs will take centre stage in the hour-long festive special, as he prepares to finally tie the knot with his partner Fiz Stape.

Tyrone is plotting to surprise Fiz with a Christmas Day wedding, sparing her the stress of being involved in the preparations.

In the build-up to December 25, Tyrone keeps Fiz in the dark by pretending to have nothing special planned for Christmas.

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Tyrone’s act ultimately works too well, as a disappointed Fiz heads off without warning on Christmas Day and doesn’t take her phone with her. Fiz breaks down on the road, leaving Tyrone panicking that they’ll miss the slot for the wedding.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about Tyrone’s risky plan, Alan explained: “I think the thing is, Tyrone doesn’t think a great deal anyway! He’s got everything back that he wanted, after all the things he’s been through. It’s taken a while for him to realise, but he now knows what he wants.

“Tyrone wants his family unit, he loves Fiz, and he wants all that to happen quickly. Of course in his mind nothing can go wrong so therefore he just plans it all off the cuff, not telling Fiz.

“Tyrone doesn’t think of any eventuality that it won’t go perfectly to his plan. It’s all in good spirit – he just wants the best and wants Fiz to have that great day that he thinks she deserves. But of course he hasn’t thought it through very well.”

tyrone dobbs at his wedding in coronation street


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Discussing Tyrone’s reaction when it all starts to go wrong, Alan continued: “He hasn’t thought about this, that’s the point! He clearly thought that everything was going to go really smoothly and exactly how he planned, but we all know that’s not the case.

“Tyrone walks into an empty room and just finds a note there. Fiz has gone out and he can’t get hold of her on the phone, so he thinks: ‘What do I do next? I’ve got people giving up their Christmas Day to spend it with us. What’s going to happen? Are we going to get married in time?’

“Everything’s rushing through his head because he hasn’t thought about any eventuality, other than it all going exactly how he wanted it to.”

Alan also spoke about whether Tyrone could defy the odds and make this third time lucky, after previously marrying Molly and coming close to marrying Kirsty.

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He joked: “I think those other two were just practising! I think through Tyrone’s life, unbeknown to him, this is where he’s wanted to be.

“It took him a long time and those walking down the aisles were mistakes he needed to make, to find himself in this place.

“I think a lot of people do want to see them together. People would say that to us in the street when we’re out and about: ‘Are they going to get back together?’

“And then of course you have the personal and selfish aspect of it. As an actor I love working day by day with Jennie [McApline, who plays Fiz] and we have great fun and times doing that, as we have done for two decades.”

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