Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine explains Fiz’s Christmas setback

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine has shared more details of her character Fiz Stape’s involvement in this year’s Christmas episode.

Fiz is currently oblivious as her partner Tyrone Dobbs makes plans for them to tie the knot in a romantic ceremony on Christmas Day.

Recent episodes saw Fiz accept Tyrone’s spontaneous proposal. When she later complained about the stress of wedding planning, Tyrone privately decided to make the preparations himself and surprise her on December 25.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about why this might be a bad idea, Jennie laughed: “All Fiz wants is the marriage, not the wedding. I don’t know if that makes Tyrone go: ‘I’ll just surprise her and take the stress out of it for her’.

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“I know there’s a programme called Don’t Tell The Bride, but that’s a terrible idea. Even when Fiz says: ‘It’s all about the marriage’, she still wants to choose her own dress, surely, and have a little bit of input?”

In the build-up to Christmas, Fiz gets upset when Tyrone makes out that he doesn’t have anything special planned for the festive season.

The final straw comes when Tyrone presents Fiz with a half-hearted present on Christmas Day, still determined to keep quiet about the wedding until the last possible moment.

Jennie continued: “Obviously Fiz has no idea that this wedding’s been planned, so she’s planning a perfect Christmas. It’s the first Christmas back after all the things we won’t mention, as a family unit. Fiz just wants the perfect Christmas that you see on those adverts for supermarkets.

fiz stape and tyrone dobbs on christmas day in coronation street


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“Fiz is planning it and Tyrone says: ‘Why don’t we just get a pizza? Loads of people get pizza for Christmas dinner these days’. So that’s not good.

“Then she gets him a really special present that she’s thought really carefully about, but there’s literally no thought to the gift he gives her.

“Fiz storms off, saying: ‘If you want to eat pizza, eat pizza. I’m having a turkey’. She goes to try and find a turkey in the middle of nowhere on a country lane and she’s not very good at driving.

“The car stops working, she hasn’t got her mobile phone and she’s in the middle of nowhere.”

fiz stape in coronation street


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Show bosses are keeping quiet about whether Fiz gets home in time to make her wedding to Tyrone.

Asked about the long wait for Fiz and Tyrone to tie the knot, Jennie commented: “I mean, we live in Weatherfield! Possibly we’ve got close, and every time we get close to some stability in life, it goes wrong with our family.”

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