Coronation Street’s Gail makes shock Stephen discovery in ITVX episodes

Coronation Street spoilers follow from this week’s episodes, which are available to watch now on ITVX. These episodes have not yet aired on TV, so this article contains storyline details that some viewers may wish to avoid.

Coronation Street has hinted at more trouble to come for Stephen Reid after Gail Rodwell stumbles across one of his secrets.

Stephen is currently desperate to maintain his façade as a successful businessman, but the reality is that he’s plagued by growing financial issues.

Earlier this year, Stephen killed to protect his secrets when Leo Thompkins realised that he was planning to scam his mum Audrey. Leo lost his life during a showdown with Stephen, who covered his tracks by burying the body.

This week’s episodes, which are available to watch early as a box set on free streaming service ITVX, see Stephen take on a new job to ease his money worries.

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Although Stephen hopes to land some lucrative consultancy work, he ends up accepting a role as a delivery driver for fast food company Six Fellas.

The new job ends in disaster when Stephen is targeted by troublesome teenagers, who steal his delivery box and work phone before demanding money in exchange for their return.

Stephen tries to make a hasty exit when he spots Tim Metcalfe’s mum Elaine Jones approaching the scene, but he loses control of his work moped and falls from the vehicle.

Wednesday’s episode (November 30) ends on a worrying note for Stephen when Gail answers his personal phone and hears a rant from his boss at Six Fellas.

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Gail is baffled as the man complains: “Where are you? You owe me a moped and a phone, so either you replace them or hand over the money. Are you listening to me? No more chances.”

Will Gail confront her brother over his secret job? And could this be the start of Stephen’s other lies starting to unravel?

Coronation Street is releasing its episodes early on ITVX during the World Cup as the regular schedules on ITV1 are being disrupted by live football coverage.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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