Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman flees after baby drama

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tonight’s (December 16) episode of Coronation Street was an intense one as we saw Summer Spellman flee after her baby drama.

In case you missed it, Summer had been threatened with a police visit following her act of fraud.

She had previously struck a deal with Mike and Esther to exchange her baby for money, but what she didn’t tell them was that she had tragically suffered a miscarriage. When her boyfriend Aaron warned her off it, Summer reasoned she was merely “borrowing” the money.

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Her actions had consequences, however, when Mike found out her plan and she finally confessed that she miscarried. Mike demanded that she pay him back or otherwise he would call the police.

Now, Summer has decided to become a surrogate for Mike and Esther, which Billy is determined to stop from happening.

When Billy summoned Mike and Esther to try and talk them out of this by laying down the law, they both said this was not their decision, but Summer’s.

“She wants to help us, so there’s really nothing you can do,” they told Billy.

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Aggravated, Billy revealed that he intended to report Mike and Esther to the police, but Paul managed to talk him down, explaining that Summer could be painted as a money-gramming con artist, which could land her in trouble.

“They’ll paint her as a villain, and then what? Prison,” he told Billy. “Can you afford to take that risk?”

After deciding that the best option here was to try and talk Summer out of the surrogacy idea, they went up to her flat, only to discover that she had left, leaving nothing but a note behind.

This left Aaron furious, as he blamed them for Summer’s exit.

“All she needed was someone to talk to, and all we did was judge. She could be anywhere now,” Aaron said.

Where did Summer go?

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