Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman receives police threat over fraud

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman has been threatened with a police visit following her act of fraud.

The teenager had previously struck a deal with Mike and Esther to exchange her baby for money, but she withheld that she had tragically suffered a miscarriage.

Despite boyfriend Aaron warning Summer that taking the money was tantamount to fraud. Summer reasoned that it was merely “borrowing”, using the money to fund Eric’s spell in rehab to cure his alcoholism.

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In tonight’s episode (December 12), Summer’s actions led to consequences, with Mike finding out about her dastardly plan.

At the beginning of the latest instalment, Summer dampened her family’s enthusiasm of the news before she departed for her scan at the hospital with Aaron.

As they were spotted in the Christmas market, Mike and Esther insisted on giving the pair a lift, with the couple offering to wait outside while Summer undertook her scan.

Needing to find some time to perfect their plan, Summer and Aaron were left reeling when Mike wanted to attend the scan, leaving the couple with no choice but to confess their sins.

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Just as they were about to reveal all, Esther entered the room in a flood of tears before revealing that her mother had passed away, with Mike subsequently leading her away and comforting her.

With the couple narrowly escaping their fate, Summer believed they had no choice but to keep the lie going despite Aaron’s protestations.

As she continued the façade, Summer printed a generic picture of a 12-week scan from the internet to show Mike, but he was instantly suspicious after noticing there was no name on the photo.

After he pressed for answers, Summer eventually caved in and revealed her ruse, telling Mike that she had indeed lost the baby weeks ago. Despite pleading her case, Mike said he was “disgusted” by the pair.

Left furious at their deceit, Mike demanded that the couple pay him back otherwise he’ll call the police. Just how do Summer and Aaron plan on getting the money, or will she take more evasive action?

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