Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman to be caught up in new Mike and Esther drama

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street‘s Summer Spellman is to get caught up in some more drama with Weatherfield newcomers Mike and Esther Hargrave.

Summer recently defrauded the couple out of £10,000 by keeping quiet about how she’d tragically suffered a miscarriage, but they offered to forget about it and pay her more if she agreed to be a surrogate for them.

In some upcoming scenes, Summer heads over to Mike and Esther’s house and hands them an envelope with her wages in so she can repay them, but Esther refuses the cash and invites her inside.

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Summer is moved by the couple’s kindness and offers to speak with their solicitor about surrogacy.

However, when Billy shows up at the house after receiving a call from Esther, Summer is startled to see him. What will he make of her decision?

A few days later, Billy urges Summer to go to Amy’s party and tells her she can’t avoid Aaron forever.

He then tells Paul he hopes Aaron will be able to change Summer’s mind about her surrogacy plans, but is left stunned when Summer announces that she and Aaron are back together and he fully supports her decision.

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Back at Mike and Esther’s house, Summer answers the door to the bailiffs and, much to her horror, they start gathering up the couple’s belongings. When Mike and Esther return, Summer demands to know what is going on.

Later on, Billy tells Summer he wants to come to her appointment with the surrogacy consultant as he intends to support her in any way he can.

Summer, Billy, Mike and Esther all show up at the meeting, but Todd tells Paul he’s going to do some digging because he’s not convinced that Mike and Esther are the good Christians they make themselves out to be…

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