Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs to be arrested

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tyrone Dobbs will be arrested following a shocking attack in upcoming Coronation Street scenes.

The situation arises because of the impending publication of a true-crime book about John Stape, the serial killer who was once married to Fiz Brown.

In upcoming scenes, Fiz and her attorney Adam Barlow meet with the publisher of the book to ask that Hope’s name be removed though they have little success.

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While this meeting is taking place, Tyrone finds a leaflet advertising a Q&A with the author of the book at a local hotel. He turns up and is horrified to hear the author suggesting Fiz was complicit in John’s murders.

The hotel manager calls police when a furious Tyrone storms the stage and knocks the microphone out of the author’s hand.

Adam has to break the news to Fiz, so she’s forced to confront the journalist and beg for him not to press any criminal charges. Ultimately, Tyrone is released without charge thanks to Fiz’s intervention.

Tyrone isn’t off the hook, as an irate Fiz shows him video of the attack and reveals the publisher has now brought forward the publication of the Stape book to this week to capitalise on the controversy.

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The couple have a meeting with Adam where he explains a libel barrister is happy to take their case but it would cost at least £100,000 and there’s no guarantee they’ll win even with that.

With this news hanging over their heads, Tyrone and Fiz have to share with Hope that she’ll be named in this book about her father because they can’t afford to stop it. Hope feels betrayed and accuses her parents of failing to protect her.

Tyrone’s troubles continue when the police show up, revealing they’d had numerous complaints over the video. As a result, the police arrest Tyrone under suspicion of assault.

When Fiz calls around to Chesney to explain what’s happened, Hope stuns her mum by announcing she now wants to stay with Chesney!

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