Dancing With The Stars: Why Gabby & Vinny Likely Won’t Date

Despite flirting on Instagram for months, Dancing With The Stars season 31 contestants Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino probably won’t date.

Dancing With The Stars fans are interested in Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino’s flirtationship, but it’s unlikely they’ll get together for real. The Bachelorette star and Jersey Shore alum both competed on DWTS season 31. Vinny had pretty low scores throughout the season but stayed on for a while due to fan support. Gabby made it all the way to the finale and came in second place. The two started flirting in Instagram comments, and fans caught on quickly. Gabby’s spoken publicly about it several times and admitted she’s open to going on a date with Vinny.


However, it doesn’t seem like the DWTS contestants are actually starting a relationship. On September 20th, The Bachelorette aired its finale, revealing Gabby had chosen Erich Schwer. However, the pair broke up before the DWTS season ended. While Gabby and Vinny have been having fun on Instagram together, it’s unlikely Gabby is ready to move on. Going through a breakup is hard enough on its own, but doing it in the spotlight, after meeting a partner on television is even more daunting. It could take a while for Gabby to heal from her split, and unless she wants to treat Vinny like a rebound, she probably won’t take their relationship any further than social media right now.

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Gabby & Vinny Will Reunite At The DWTS Tour

Split image of Dancing With The Stars' Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino

In January, DWTS is taking its show on the road, with Gabby cohosting with pro dancer Emma Slater. Vinny will make appearances at a few stops as well. Some might see this as the perfect opportunity for the two to spend time together. However, their social media flirting is actually the perfect promotion for the tour. The more people talk about it, the more people are talking about DWTS. While the two seem to get a long great and probably enjoy each other’s company, they might not have any intentions of pursuing a relationship with each other. Instead, they might be continuing it, and Gabby might be talking about it in interviews in order to promote the DWTS tour.

Gabby and Vinny also seem to enjoy fans’ reactions. Celebrities love teasing their fans and doing things to keep them entertained. The more people show interest in Gabby and Vinny’s flirting, the more they continue it. Neither one of them has suggested their relationship is anything more, and they’ve had enough time since DWTS ended to make a commitment if they wanted to. Gabby also admitted they live pretty far away from each other, so a relationship might be hard.

Even if Gabby and Vinny don’t date, fans love their friendship and hope they’ll stay in contact even if they’re no longer competing together on DWTS. They’ve both had nothing but positive things to say about each other and embody what DWTS is all about, having a good time and cheering each other on. Fans are excited to see them on tour together, and maybe they’ll even bring their social media flirting to the stage. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely it will translate to the real world.

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