Do 90 Day Fiancé’s Patrick & Thaís Still Live With His Brother John

90 Day Fiancé star Patrick said that he wanted to live with his wife Thaís and his brother, John. Did the trio live happily ever after?

Patrick Mendes didn’t achieve his ideal domestic situation on 90 Day Fiancé season 9, so viewers are wondering if he is still living with his wife and brother. Brazilian woman Thaís Ramone was unhappy to discover that her future husband was living with his older brother, John McManus. While Thaís critiqued many aspects of living with John, Patrick voiced that he wouldn’t kick his brother out. Now that Thaís and Patrick have had their first child together, viewers are curious about where John is living.


Younger brother Patrick became very close to John after they withstood traumatic and difficult childhoods together. Patrick was left heartbroken when his first wife left him, which led to John moving in with him for companionship. Patrick loved living with his older brother, but he later met Thaís in Brazil. Though some felt that Patrick didn’t meet Thaís’ needs, he visited his future wife many times, until Thaís came to the United States on a K-1 visa. While Patrick hoped that everyone would get along, Thaís quickly made it clear that she would not tolerate living with John. However, he didn’t move out.

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Does John Still Live With Patrick & Thaís?

The brothers were living together in Patrick’s home in Austin, Texas when Thaís first came to the United States. The trio then moved to Dallas, Texas, despite Thaís objecting to their new home. Patrick revealed at the Tell-All that they are now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Patrick moves regularly due to his job, which involves working for the possibly shady home security installation company, Vivint. Since John works with his brother and appears to be single, he is able to move with Patrick when relocation is required. Now that Thaís and home security expert Patrick have welcomed a baby girl, there is no indication that John is living on his own.

Thaís and Patrick made it clear on 90 Day Fiancé season 9 that their respective family members are very important to them. However, Thaís cannot accept living with John. Despite her vocal objections, it appears that John will be sticking around for the time being. While Jibri Bell lashed out at John during the Tell-All for not moving out, he has since spent time with John, during Thaís and Patrick’s baby shower. Although Thaís appeared to have real animosity towards her brother-in-law, there is a chance that their drama was exaggerated for the cameras, since John, Thaís, Patrick, and Jibri were all able to enjoy the baby shower together.

While franchise fans are divided about whether John should move out of Thaís and Patrick’s home, many fans have expressed their support for the outspoken Boston native. John became a fan-favorite cast member after his antics at the Tell-All. He hilariously called out a belligerent Jibri, which earned him applause from many viewers. This has led to fans sharing that John should appear on 90 Day: The Single Life or Pillow Talk. However, it is currently unknown if John, Thaís, or Patrick have a future in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

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