EastEnders airs Keanu and DCI Keeble twist 

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Keanu Taylor made a shock reappearance to his family during Thursday’s (December 15) episode of EastEnders, and was met with mixed reactions from the inhabitants of the Square.

However, a cliffhanger ending with a surprising accomplice suggested that this was no spontaneous visit after three years away… Keanu has bigger plans.

The episode begins with Keanu meeting his mum Karen and half-sister Bernie, who are thrilled to see him, but also quick to ask: “What are you doing here? Phil will kill you.”

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Keanu explains that he plans to return to Cornwall in the new year, despite being warned that he can’t stay that long. However, he stresses that it’s fine, and that he wants to see his son Albie.

The mother and son head to the Queen Vic, where many are happy to see him… enter Ben.

Ben is quick to remind Keanu why he went away: “Three years since you kidnapped Callum. Three years since you broke my sister’s heart and broke up my dad’s marriage.”

The danger of Phil is brought up again, with Ben emphasising: “You know when he finds out you’re in Walford you’re a dead man, don’t you?”

Outside the pub, Keanu bumps into Albie with Zack, not knowing he’s his son until Sharon comes, with a desperate Keanu wanting to stay longer with his child while Sharon drags him away.

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Soon after, Karen figures out that someone is keeping Keanu “up to speed”, realising that her son didn’t really plan for a flying visit and wondering what he’s getting himself into by returning when he somehow knows that Phil’s away.

The closing scene answers her questions, with Keanu waiting to meet someone privately.

That someone turns out to be DCI Keeble, whom Keanu greets with the ominous proposal: “I hear you’re looking to destroy Phil Mitchell. I want in.”

What exactly are the duo planning? Will they team up to try to get Phil Mitchell out of Walford for good?

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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