EastEnders airs Zack update after exit scenes

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Thursday’s (December 8) EastEnders instalment started with a bang, with Whitney telling her housemates Finlay and Felix about her pregnancy, and confirming to them that Zack is the father.

However, when the mother-to-be starts questioning why Zack is unreachable after the heated revelation, her flatmates opt to distract her by placing attention back onto her 30th birthday.

The duo also reassure her that as Whit’s “fiercest fam in Walford,” they will be around to raise the baby… with or without Zack.

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Regardless, Whitney goes to speak to Zack at Sharon’s, but she lies and says he’s asleep. Martin warns her it’s wrong to lie about Zack, but Sharon is determined to find him, despite believing that he’s gone AWOL after learning the news.

Later, Whitney rumbles the lie and isn’t surprised, having predicted that she might end up dealing with the pregnancy alone.

Elsewhere, Sam takes a call from Zack, and his location is revealed. She goes to get him from the police station, and they share a heart-to-heart about parenting.

Zack shared how he feels “trapped,” saying “most people are desperate to have kids. It’s supposed to be what life’s all about. So how come I just want to run?”

Thankfully, Sam speaks about her own experiences with parenting, and encourages Zack that despite the mistakes his own dad made, he has the ability to be a good father.

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Whitney ignores a call from Zack, but when he gets home he finds her at her birthday party. She apologises for her harsh words the day prior, while Zack shares that he spent the night in a cell.

He then tells a disbelieving Whitney that he wants to be a dad and to work together for the baby, swearing he’ll “be there 100% for this kid”… but doesn’t want to get together as a couple.

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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