EastEnders star Charlie Brooks talks Jada return story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Charlie Brooks has spoken out on how Jada’s return story will impact Janine in EastEnders.

Kelsey Calladine-Smith is coming back to the soap for its festive episodes as Jada could upend Janine’s nuptials with Mick because the teen holds the key to all of Janine’s lies.

Since Jada originally left Walford after being pressured by Janine to lie about Linda’s drinking, her return could expose the truth that Janine has been scheming for more than a year to win over Mick.

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In upcoming scenes, Janine becomes so desperate to keep Linda apart from Jada that she invites her love rival to Christmas dinner as a distraction.

“She wants to get Linda away from Jada as quickly as possible – to the point where she invites her in for Christmas lunch! She doesn’t want them to have a conversation, so I think it’s shock and fear guiding Janine,” Brooks said.

Addressing whether Janine fears Jada will reveal her treachery, Brooks said: “I think Janine’s hoping her powers of persuasion and the threat of Jada’s own kid being taken away are enough to sway her from jeopardising everything.”

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Whether or not Jada comes clean to Linda, the atmosphere at Christmas will certainly be tense for the extended Carter family.

“Janine has invited Linda and Shirley in to help them avoid Jada, and Sonia and Ricky are there too. Janine’s trying her best to make it a really lovely family Christmas, and it’s not going well,” Brooks said.

“She puts Linda as far away from Mick as she possibly can. But when two people are in love, and they have that history, you can always feel it, so that’s the tension in the room.”

janine butcher, sonia fowler, mick carter, eastenders

BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

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