EastEnders star Shane Richie talks ‘dark’ Phil and Alfie Christmas story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Phil Mitchell may not be awaiting a Merry Christmas, after spoilers reveal that his festive return to Walford will be subdued by the realisation that Kat has been getting close with her ex-husband Alfie Moon.

Alongside the dramatic arrival of Keanu Taylor, Phil’s Christmas is sure to be full of tension… and more.

Shane Richie has spoken out about his thoughts on Kat and Alfie, and – most worryingly – how Phil might react.

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“Alfie is full of hope, thinking that he and Kat are on the verge of being an item again. But he’s got his head in the clouds, and Kat tells him in no uncertain terms that he means nothing to her. But Alfie won’t have it!” Shane shared, revealing the dynamics of the love triangle.

He continued: “He still believes that Kat has feelings for him, and it’s not until Phil comes back that things take a dark turn.”

Knowing Phil’s violent past, there’s no judging quite how frightening this ‘dark turn’ could be.

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Shane also shared Alfie’s reaction to being banned from Christmas with Kat and the kids, saying: “Phil tells Kat that he doesn’t want Alfie there, and he’s gutted because she promised. Kat just says that Phil’s back, and they’ve changed their minds, so all of a sudden, Alfie has nowhere to go.

“To be honest, there are enough places Alfie can go – Martin offers, Sharon offers etc. But Alfie is like, ‘Right Phil, stuff you! I’m going to scale your house, and I’m going to be on the roof!’

“Alfie plans for all the kids to come out, see him being Santa and everyone will love Alfie and think he’s brilliant. But there’s a mishap, and then things then go from bad to worse.”

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When asked whether he thought viewers would be on Alfie’s side, Shane answered: “I hope so!”

He explained: “There is a danger that people are going to say, ‘Alfie, give it up now. It’s just desperate!’ but that’s Alfie. He loves Kat so much that he just thinks there’s that glimmer of hope there, and he is desperate. He is desperate for her to realise that she’s still the love of his life.”

So, out of Phil and Alfie, who’ll end up with a lump of coal come Christmas?

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