Emmerdale: 3 HUGE plot holes that need explaining from missing keys to forgotten characters

Emmerdale has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and there has been lots of drama in the village.

From the huge storm to Al’s death and Nicola’s trial, there’s a lot happening in the village.

But fans have pointed out a few plot holes in the current Emmerdale storylines.

Nicola’s attack was filmed (Credit: ITV)

1. The missing video in Nicola’s trial

Earlier this year Nicola King was attacked by a group of teenage girls in a car park.

The girls recorded the attack and posted the video online.

As police struggled to find where the video came from, Nicola started to wonder if she would ever find her attackers and get justice.

However when she met Charles’ daughter Naomi, she recognised her shoes and voice from the attack.

At first Naomi denied any involvement but eventually told the police that she was there.

She explained her old house mate Saskia and her friends attacked Nicola and she witnessed it.

Saskia and her friends denied being involved in the attack and said Naomi was just trying to get revenge on Saskia as they had a falling out.

This week Naomi, Saskia and Saskia’s friends are on trial for Nicola’s attack.

As Nicola can’t remember exactly what the girls look like and had no solid evidence, except for Naomi, she feared her attackers would walk free.

Fans pointed out that one of the girls recorded the attack and posted the video online, but it’s not been mentioned or used in the trial.

Al was ready to leave Kerry (Credit: ITV)

2. Al’s keys

Al Chapman had been having an affair with Chas Dingle for months before he was killed.

Al’s fiancée Kerry and Chas’s husband Paddy had no idea about the affair.

But Al and Chas planned to leave the village together as Al had bought a house for them to move into.

Before Al was killed he was ready to leave Kerry and left his keys on the side.

However Kerry was a bit distracted as she had just told Chloe Harris that she’s her mother.

As Kerry went after Chloe, Al went out, thinking he was going to meet Chas.

But Chas’s brother Cain had tricked him. He found out about the affair and wanted to confront him.

Al ended up getting shot by Cain’s son Kyle.

As Kerry chased Chloe up the road, she heard the gunshot and saw Al’s car.

She found Al dead with Cain stood nearby holding the gun.

Kerry called the police and Cain was arrested.

Kerry has been grieving for Al, but now fans are questioning how she still hasn’t noticed that Al left his key and was prepared to leave.

Chloe and Kerry talk, Chloe looking angry
We never did get to see Damon (Credit: ITV)

3. Chloe’s missing dad

Emmerdale fans are still awaiting the reveal of Chloe’s dad, Damon.

Last year it was revealed that Kerry Wyatt had been working for Chloe’s dad Damon.

She lived at his house and worked as his housekeeper.

However she was also there to keep an eye on Chloe.

Chloe has been through a lot over the last few years. After her sister Gemma died in a car accident, her mum Karen died and Damon went to prison.

Kerry always stated that Damon was a dangerous man and fans had many different theories about who Damon could be.

The story was built up and viewers were desperate to see if he was a character they had seen before.

But he has still never been seen on-screen.

Last week, Kerry told Chloe that she is her biological mother and Karen and Damon adopted her.

However fans were upset the storyline with Chloe’s dad seemed to be abandoned and they never got to see him.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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