Emmerdale Cain secret, EastEnders wedding, Coronation Street threat and more soap spoilers

Soap spoilers follow.

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1. Emmerdale: Cain’s big secret

(Friday at 7pm on ITV1)

cain dingle in prison in emmerdale


At the jail, a prison officer hands Cain a stack of letters from someone who has been writing to him. Once the officer is out of sight, Cain stares at the letters for a moment before ripping them up.

The plot thickens as back at Butler’s, Isaac and Kyle both receive Christmas parcels from an anonymous person. Moira is curious to know who sent the gifts and questions Cain, who hides his concern.

Later, Cain requests a phone call and makes contact with the person behind the presents, trying to remain quiet so the officer doesn’t overhear the conversation.

When Cain’s mystery contact refuses to cooperate, the bad boy loses his temper and slams the phone down on them.

These scenes are building up to the arrival of former Waterloo Road star Will Ash as Cain’s long-lost brother Caleb at Christmas.

(Monday at 8pm on ITV1)

damon, leanne battersby, coronation street


Still reeling at the arrival of his estranged dad, Jacob coldly turns down Damon’s offer of a drink and tells Amy he wants nothing to do with him. His girlfriend is more forgiving though, and urges Jacob to give Damon the opportunity to make amends.

After agreeing to listen to what he has to say, Jacob goes to lunch with Damon but struggles to contain his resentment after hearing about his dad’s lavish life in Ibiza.

Meanwhile, Damon’s angry to learn how Harvey lured Jacob into dealing drugs and assures his son he wants to make it up to him.

Clearly intent on sticking around a while longer, Damon calls in at the Bistro, forcing Nick to make out to Leanne that he’s an old friend who wants to lend them money to get back on their feet.

Damon hands over a wad of dosh, but his generous gift comes with a condition – he wants Nick and Leanne to give Jacob a job at the restaurant.

3. EastEnders: Wedding day drama for Mick and Janine

(Friday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

janine butcher and sonia fowler in eastenders embargo 08122022 0000


As the week of her wedding to Mick arrives, Janine is still upset about having to move out of The Vic.

Elsewhere, Shirley’s suspicions about her son’s bride-to-be mount when she catches Janine making a furtive call to someone called ‘Steve’, then overhears her swearing Scarlett to secrecy.

Determined to get to the truth, Shirl quizzes Scarlett, but is frustrated when the youngster isn’t forthcoming.

Later, Scarlett is shaken to see the photo of Frankie fall out of a DVD case and hides it in her diary, but Shirley is onto her.

As Mick and Ricky head out on his stag do, Shirley follows Janine out of the pub and sees her meeting a mystery man in a bar. She reports back to Linda, who urges her to drop her vendetta, but Shirley is adamant Janine is up to no good.

As the big day dawns, Linda pays Mick a visit and offers him a final way out of the wedding. Will he take it?

Meanwhile at the registry office, Janine starts to fear she has been jilted when there’s no sign of her groom. Shirley begins grilling Scarlett again, but the moment is interrupted by Mick’s arrival.

With something clearly on his mind, Mick tells Janine they need to speak alone. Is he about to crush her dreams and call the whole thing off?

4. Hollyoaks: Bobby strikes again

(Wednesday at 7pm on E4 and Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

goldie mcqueen and prince mcqueen in hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

Mercedes is feeling the love this Christmas as she invites Felix to join the McQueens for turkey and trimmings, followed by a game of charades. But danger is lurking when jealous Bobby tries to warn off his mum’s new fella.

Felix is confident he can win the lad round, but makes the mistake of calling Bobby ‘son’.

In all the commotion, Mercedes overcooks the turkey, so Felix heads to Price Slice for new provisions, unaware he’s being followed by Bobby. The mini murderer tries to lock Felix in the shop store room and lights a match, setting fire to the place.

Bobby doesn’t realise that Felix has already headed back to the McQueens’, and DeMarcus is trapped inside the store room instead. As the blaze takes hold, Prince and Goldie arrive on the scene and battle to rescue DeMarcus before Bobby claims his next victim.

5. Emmerdale: Charity is arrested

(Monday at 7.30pm on ITV1)

charity dingle, emmerdale


It’s the day of baby Esther’s christening, and while Amelia is touched by Noah’s support, Lydia is disappointed when Samson refuses to attend his daughter’s celebration.

With tensions already running high, the arrival of Chloe and Amy at the church immediately gets Charity’s back up, and as the service gets under way, the ladies’ verbal sparring turns physical. PC Swirling witnesses the scrap, and places Charity under arrest, forcing her to spend the night in a prison cell.

The next day, Charity is released pending further investigation, while Mack tries to coerce Chloe into changing her police statement. Realising her false evidence could put Charity behind bars, she tries to reason with Amy, but her sister bites back, ordering her to move out.

Devastated, Chloe packs her bags and leaves, but Mackenzie’s reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by a suspicious Nate. Will he put two and two together and realise Mack is the father of Chloe’s unborn baby?

6. Coronation Street: Daniel’s romantic plans are scuppered

(Friday at 7.30pm on ITV1)

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With Daniel refusing to talk to Daisy about her health worries, Adam hatches a plan to bring them back together. He encourages Daisy to read the article Daniel has been writing, and she’s moved to discover how much she has helped him find love again after losing Sinead.

The couple reunite and Daniel accompanies Daisy to her appointment at the breast clinic, where she urges him to get back into teaching.

Overwhelmed with love, Daniel decides to pop the question and after asking Jenny for her blessing, he shows her the engagement ring he has picked for Daisy. However, disaster strikes when the Barlow clan return home to Number 1 and realise someone has taken all the presents from under their Christmas tree – including Daisy’s ring.

7. EastEnders: Phil is back in Walford

(Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

phil mitchell in eastenders

Kieron McCarron/Jack BarnesBBC

Alfie thinks all his Christmases have come at once when Honey falls ill and Kat agrees to step in and play Snow White in the panto. Ignoring Kat’s warning that there’ll be no kissing, Alfie makes a big speech for the finale about his feelings for her, then to her horror he moves in for a smooch.

The next morning, the exes wind up in another row, which Tommy witnesses, and Kat asks Alfie to leave to avoid causing their boys any more confusion.

A chat with Freddie soon gives Alfie renewed hope, and after surprising Kat with a grand gesture, he’s buzzing when she agrees they can have a magical Moon Christmas together.

However, it’s not long before the pair are confronted by Phil, who has made a sudden return to Walford. Kat is livid to learn the real reason her fiancé is back, while Alfie stands firm, insisting he’ll spend the festive period with his family.

Things soon go from bad to worse for Phil when Billy discovers he was the one who grassed him up to the Old Bill.

8. Hollyoaks: Juliet’s secret is out

(Tuesday at 7pm on E4 and Wednesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

juliet nightingale in hollyoaks

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It’s Christmas Day in the village, and puzzled by all the lies Juliet has been telling, Nadira and Peri vow to get the truth out of her.

Meanwhile, Peri invites Shaq to Christmas dinner but he urges her to be honest with Juliet about how she really feels, leading their friendship to take an unexpected turn.

Elsewhere, Juliet is given food for thought when James opens up about Marnie, stressing the importance of being surrounded by those who love you. She decides it’s time to be honest, but as a fight breaks out between Nadira and Peri, Juliet ends up blurting out she has cancer.

Devastated, Peri refuses to accept Juliet’s diagnosis and runs away, calling her ex a liar. But having taken some time to process the news, Peri finds Juliet in the park and apologises for her behaviour. Grateful for her support, Juliet finally opens up, explaining that she’s terrified of what the future might hold.

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