Emmerdale: Kyle killed Al – is Cain’s son old enough to face prison?

Emmerdale revealed that Kyle is the one who killed Al Chapman in tonight’s episode (Friday, November 4).

After Cain pleaded guilty to Al’s murder, he confessed to Moira that he didn’t kill Al – Kyle did.

Cain is desperate to keep the truth hidden to protect his son. But is Kyle old enough to face prison?

Emmerdale Cain and Al looking angry in a barn
Al was shot but not by Cain (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kyle killed Al

Earlier this week Cain discovered that Al had been having an affair with his sister, Chas.

Cain tricked Al into meeting him in a barn and confronted him with a shotgun.

However he put it down, telling Al it was just to get his attention.

The two men started to fight. But they both tried to reach for the shotgun.

A gunshot went off, which was heard by Al’s fiancée Kerry.

Kerry discovered Cain standing by Al’s dead body holding the gun.

She called the police and Cain was arrested and charged with Al’s murder.

In tonight’s episode Cain had to go to court for his plea hearing.

His family gathered in court but were completely shocked when Cain pleaded guilty.

Emmerdale Cain in prison
Cain pleaded guilty to Al’s murder (Credit: ITV)

When Moira got home, Kyle overheard her talking about how long Cain could be in prison for, he became upset and began smashing up the house.

Later, Cain requested to see Moira.

She went to the prison and told him about Kyle’s outburst.

As she got up to leave, swearing to protect their children, Cain begged her not to let Kyle speak to anyone.

When Moira questioned why, Cain admitted that Kyle shot Al.

But is Kyle old enough to face prison?

Emmerdale Feb 9 Al gives Kyle his old phone who quickly pockets it.
Kyle murdered Al (Credit: ITV)

Is Kyle old enough to face prison?

Kyle is 10 years old and will turn 11 next month.

The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10. This means that children under the age of 10 cannot be arrested or charged with a crime.

That being said, if a child under 10 does break the law there are other punishments they can be given.

Children aged between 10 and 17 can be taken to court if they commit a crime.

However children between 10 and 17 will not go to adult prisons, they can go to young offenders.

Of course this would depend on the seriousness of the crime.

As Kyle is old enough to be held responsible, he could face going to young offenders if the police discovered he killed Al.

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