Emmerdale star Jessie Elland on big fight at Esther’s christening

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Jessie Elland has shared details of the christening drama ahead in Monday’s episode (December 19).

The actress’ character Chloe Harris finds herself embroiled in tensions when a big argument kicks off on baby Esther’s special day.

Chloe and her sister Amy Wyatt are both furious with Chas Dingle, who was recently exposed as Al Chapman’s mystery lover.

Although Chas isn’t part of the christening, Charity Dingle does attend to support Noah and Amelia. After Charity’s recent attempts to stand by Chas, it doesn’t take long before a bitter row breaks out between her, Chloe and Amy.

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Speaking about the scenes, Jessie explained: “There’s definitely a lot of tension bubbling at the christening that has built up. Chloe and Amy are confrontational around Chas and Charity and soon rub Charity up the wrong way.

“Chloe definitely doesn’t attend the christening planning to cause trouble – it’s not something that crosses her mind. As far as she is concerned, the christening is a bit of a reprieve from all the drama. Plus, she’s also got Kerry’s absence and her own baby on her mind!”

Viewers will see the christening get derailed by the escalating tensions, with things turning particularly nasty between Charity and Amy.

When Charity and Amy can’t refrain from arguing, they head outside and their dispute turns physical. PC Swirling witnesses the incident and is forced to intervene.

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Jessie explained: “Family loyalty is a big part of all the villagers’ lives in Emmerdale and I think that’s what is at the root of the christening drama.

“You have two women, both very headstrong and feisty, each intent on defending their own respective families. Of course Charity in particular really relishes winding Amy up.”

Confirming that Chloe stays out of the violent row, Jessie added: “I had a nice easy day of sitting back and watching everyone else doing all the hard work! It was a lovely day to film, it always is when there are a lot of characters in a scene.

“Plus we were filming inside and in the warmth, which is a rare treat when you’re filming at the village.”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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