Emmerdale: When and how will Paddy learn the truth about Chas’s affair now Al’s dead and gone?


Scenes in tonight’s Emmerdale saw Paddy and the village residents learn of Al’s death at Cain’s hands. But will Cain’s actions cause Paddy to learn the truth about Chas and Al’s affair?

Although Chas told Paddy that Cain had killed Al, she didn’t reveal why the pair had been fighting.

Will Paddy learn the truth?

Cain points a shotgun at Al
Cain killed Al after confronting him about his affair with Chas (Credit: ITV)

Al killed in violent confrontation

Cain killed love rat Al Chapman after laying a trap for him on the village outskirts.

He had learned of Chas and Al’s affair when he found Chas’s burner phone and messages to Al.

Pretending to be Chas, Cain arranged to meet Al in a barn outside of the village.

There he lay in wait for Al with a shotgun.

When Al arrived, Cain confronted him.

Although Cain had only intended to scare – and beat up – Al, the pair’s confrontation turned physical.

As they wrestled over the shotgun, Cain shot Al.

But will Cain’s actions lead Paddy to the truth about Chas and Al?

Paddy looks concerned while Chas talks
Paddy’s suspicions were roused by Chas’s reaction to Aaron leaving the village (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Chas tells Paddy that Cain has killed Al

Scenes from tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday November 1) saw Chas learn that Cain had killed Al.

Returning to the Woolpack, she told Paddy what Cain had done.

However, she failed to tell him why Cain had shot Al.

Will the truth come out as Cain is questioned about his motives?

Meanwhile, Paddy’s suspicions have already been roused by Chas’s reaction to Aaron leaving the village.

Chas and Aaron talk
Aaron left the village after being manipulated by Chas (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: When will Paddy learn the truth?

Aaron learned of Chas and Al’s affair when he caught the pair together.

However, Chas convinced him not to tell Paddy through lies and emotional manipulation.

She was secretly relieved when Aaron decided to leave the village again.

But her reaction to Aaron’s leaving caused Paddy to wonder whether something might be amiss.

Could Cain murdering Al give Paddy further cause for thought?

Will Cain reveal to the village – and Paddy – why he killed Al?

Or will Chas’s grief over her lover’s death cause the whole truth to come tumbling out?

The truth never stays buried for long in Emmerdale…

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