Emmerdale’s Chas is finally caught out by Paddy

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chas Dingle has finally been caught over her affair with the late Al Chapman in Emmerdale.

The walls started closing in on Chas earlier this week when Belle Dingle put together that Cain must have shot Al because he’d discovered the affair was still going on. In reality, Kyle shot Al.

In Thursday’s (December 15) double bill, Chas was actually in quite a chipper mood — noticed by Charity and Bear — as she was whisked off for a weekend away with Paddy.

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However, Chas was in for a horrible shock when Paddy drove her to a cottage for their weekend getaway and then sprung a surprise on her.

“It’s got to ring a bell. It’s the stuff of dreams. Your dreams, yours and Als,” he said before his expression turned dark.

The camera panned back to reveal a ‘For Sale’ sign, confirming he’d taken Chas to the house Al had bought for them before his death.

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“The joke is, I still kinda feel bad about lying about exactly where we were going on this little trip,” Paddy told her. “Oh, and it was Belle [who told me], by the way, in case you were wondering. She thought I deserved to know the truth and she thought I deserved better than you.”

He then accused Chas of “playing [everyone] like fools” for the way she’d supported Kerry through Al’s death, all the while keeping the secret that she’d been cheating with him the whole time.

“I can’t excuse any of of this,” Chas said. “It doesn’t even feel real, not anymore.”

Paddy snapped back: “Maybe that’s because Al’s dead. Your brother shot him.”

He insisted the biggest betrayal was that Chas was secretly planning to bring Eve away with her for this new life with Al.

Paddy made it clear he’d be moving out, but wanted to keep up a front at first because it was Marlon’s first day back. By the time they got back to the pub, Moira was waiting for a word with Chas.

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Moira didn’t hesitate to out the affair in front of Charity and Bear, leading to a physical scuffle when Charity tried to force her to leave.

“Cain wouldn’t be in that place if it wasn’t for you. Al is dead because of you,” Moira seethed. “My family is falling apart because of you and your lies!”

Bear threw a bleeding Charity and an irate Moira out. Later, Chas confided in Charity that Paddy was packing a bag and planning to move out that night.

“I’ve ruined everything, everything that matters,” Chas admitted. “It was all for nothing.”

The episode ended on a sombre note of Paddy kissing a sleeping Eve goodbye as he prepared to leave the house. He then shared a hug with Bear as the episode concluded.

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