Everything Cole Barnett Learned From Therapy After Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind star Cole Barnett had much-needed therapy after the show. Recently, he shared what he learned from therapy on his Instagram Q&A.

After witnessing a journey full of ups and downs on Love Is Blind, Cole Barnett has taken much-needed therapy after the show and shared what he learned with his fans. Cole came on Love Is Blind in search of his lady love. The 27-year-old realtor found his person in flight attendant, Zanab Jaffrey. The couple fell in love during conversing through pods and were blown away to see each other after meeting in person. However, Zanab and Cole didn’t get along for too long.


Zanab and Cole started having arguments and awkward confrontations. From Cole getting attracted to another cast member to Zanab accusing Cole of shattering her self-confidence, the couple had a chaotic relationship on Love Is Blind. Their relationship ended when Zanab rejected Cole at the altar by refusing to marry him. The rejection has been hard on Cole. Recently, Cole shared an Instagram Q&A with his fans, where he talked about having much-needed therapy after Love Is Blind. He explained to his fans how he found the therapy helpful and what he learned from it. As per People, Cole detailed his learnings by replying to a fan’s question saying, “The best thing I’ve gotten from therapy so far is honestly just how helpful it is to talk about the things that have impacted you or hurt you or were traumatizing.”

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Cole Updated Fans About His Life After Love Is Blind

Cole from Love Is Blind season 3

After things ended at the altar between Cole and Zanab, fans were worried about Cole and how he is doing after the show. After being asked about his life after Love Is Blind on an Instagram Q&A, Cole revealed how his life is swirling between switching houses to going to therapy. He said, “I’ve been flipping houses, representing buyers, and working on starting a podcast! Oh, and some much-needed therapy.”

While talking about his experiences from therapy, Cole further added on his Instagram stories saying, “Sometimes as a guy you just don’t ever talk about emotions and feelings, you never do, so just sitting with someone and talking about those things in and of itself is freeing and liberating.” It appears that Cole has been doing his best to recover from the trauma he faced on Love Is Blind. Fans are happy for Cole to find solace in therapy, and can see how it helped him to clear his perspective and learn a lot of things.

Cole was not the fan-favorite from the start. He was criticized by fans for his behavior on Love Is Blind. Viewers villainized Cole for rating his fiancé and flirting with fellow contestant, Colleen Reed. However, Cole’s image changed among viewers after the airing of the finale and the reunion episode. Viewers appreciate how Cole redeemed himself on Love Is Blind, he not only accepted his past mistakes but also apologized to Zanab for hurting her in any way. Now, Love Is Blind fans sympathize with Cole and care about him. Whereas, Cole is grateful to his fans for supporting him in tough times.

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