Gabby Windey’s Best Bachelor Nation & DWTS Moments In 2022

For most of 2022, The Bachelorette lead Gabby Windey appeared on TV screens on all three Bachelor Nation shows, as well as Dancing With The Stars, and fans are now looking back at some of her most memorable moments on these reality series. Gabby, a 31-year-old ICU nurse and former professional cheerleader from Denver, got her start on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor at the beginning of the year. After a tumultuous season, she and Rachel Recchia were the runner-ups and became best friends, and took the lead on their own season of The Bachelorette. Gabby found love and got engaged to Erich Schwer on the show, but they broke up less than two months after the finale aired.


In the meantime, Gabby was a contestant on DWTS season 31, paired with professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. Gabby emerged as a frontrunner from week one. She and Val achieved perfect scores from the judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Derek Hough, and Bruno Tonioli, for six of their dances, including the last three weeks in a row. They placed second behind TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, and professional dancer Mark Ballas. Around this time, Gabby also made a guest appearance with Rachel on Bachelor In Paradise season 8. On the show, they dished about the men who had competed for their hearts on their season of The Bachelorette to the women whom they were dating on the beach. Throughout all of these appearances, Gabby became known for her hilarious personality and kind-hearted demeanor. As 2022 comes to a close, fans are revisiting some of Gabby’s best television moments.

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Gabby Windey Introduces Bachelor Nation To Grandpa John

Gabby’s Grandpa John has become one of the most beloved Bachelor Nation family members. Fans fell in love with him when he first appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. From laughing about Gabby’s night 1 entrance with her pillow to telling Clayton that Gabby has always been “a loveable dingbat,” it was clear that Gabby got her hilarious sense of humor from him. However, John also showed his serious side as well. In an especially beautiful and touching moment, John told Gabby that he trusted her to make the right choice, and that he did not think that he could love anybody as much as he loved her and his wife. John still wears his wedding ring, even though his wife passed away. Grandpa John made more appearances on Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette, but fans will always remember the first time they met this wonderful man.

Gabby Windey Refuses To Let Clayton Echard Walk Her Out

After Clayton told Gabby and Rachel that Susie Evans left because he had slept with both of them in the Fantasy Suite and told all three women that he loved them, his season appeared to have gone up in flames. However, Gabby and Rachel decided to stay and fight for him. But when Clayton broke their hearts again by telling them that he was breaking up with them to pursue a relationship with Susie, it was the last straw for Gabby.

Gabby’s speech to Clayton was exactly what fans wanted to hear, as she told him that he should have let her and Rachel go earlier. She felt that he waited because “one time it was gonna be my decision, which you didn’t want it to be, and now it’s your decision so it’s easier.” Gabby refused to believe that Clayton loved her, and was very upset that he broke up with her and Rachel together instead of individually. Her most empowering moment came when she refused to let Clayton walk her out and responded with a simple, “No,” as the live studio audience, including Grandpa John, applauded her.

Gabby Windey Has A Conversation About Mental Health With Jason Alabaster

On The Bachelorette, Gabby and Jason Alabaster had a very important conversation about mental health, which transcended the show. It helped viewers to see that people, especially men, should stop feeling stigmatized if they seek help with their mental health. On their one-on-one-date, Jason admitted to Gabby that as a kid, he always felt like he wasn’t good enough. He told Gabby therapy has helped him with everything in his life. Gabby bonded with Jason because she is in therapy as well.

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Gabby said that when she was a child, she did not feel any love from her mother. This caused her to develop anxiety, but also her sense of humor and her grace for other people. However, the situation made it difficult for her to date. Jason asked if she has heard of inner child work and told her how it has changed his life. Gabby was very pleased with him and said, “It’s really rare to meet a man who appreciates therapy. Because I feel like you understand.” It was a powerful moment that earned Gabby and Jason a lot of praise from Bachelor Nation.

Gabby Windey Tells Erich Schwer She Loves Him

After her experience with Clayton and because of her difficult past, Gabby was very cautious when it came to saying those three little words “I love you” on The Bachelorette. Although Gabby and Erich did not work out in the end, their relationship helped Gabby to break down her walls. Gabby told Erich that he taught her that it is okay to feel safe, wanted, and loved in a way that she had not in the past. At the end of the season, she revealed that he was the only one left out of all of her suitors. Then, Gabby finally said, “I know it’s so hard, and I think I’ve felt it for a while, but I do know that I love you.” Erich responded with, “I love you,” and they kissed. It was a moment of happiness and relief for both of them, as they realized that they might have a future together.

Gabby Windey Earns The First Perfect Score Of The Season On DWTS Season 31

Although frontrunners Charli and Mark eventually won DWTS season 31, it was actually Gabby and her dance partner Val who earned the first perfect score of all 10’s from the judges. The pair’s tango to “Good Girls Go Bad” during Prom Night in DWTS week 5 wowed everyone, and proved that Gabby was one of the best dancers the show had ever seen. Gabby said that this exciting moment felt “amazing.”

Gabby Windey Gets Second Place On DWTS Season 31

Gabby and Val earned perfect scores for their two DWTS finale dances, a cha-cha to “(I Like It) Like That,” and a freestyle to “Cell Block Tango.” They were elated to earn second place in the competition. Gabby has since called her DWTS experience one of the best of her life. It was a triumphant culmination to a year of being in the public eye for Gabby. Her immense talent and bubbly personality earned her a spot as the co-host of the DWTS Live tour with Emma Slater in the new year.

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Gabby Windey Spills The Tea On Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Bachelor In Paradise season 8 was unusual because it began filming before Gabby and Rachel’s Bachelorette season aired, so no one knew what had happened with their men. When they made a surprise appearance on the beach, men such as Johnny DePhillipo, Tyler Norris, and especially Logan Palmer were shocked to see them. Gabby told Kate Gallivan, who was dating Logan, that she and Rachel were not surprised to hear that Logan was indecisive in Paradise because he did the same thing on their season. Gabby questioned why the women were giving him so much power. Before Gabby left the beach, she told Logan that she had beef and to treat her girl well. Many viewers thought that Gabby and Rachel’s insight was a big part of why Kate broke up with Logan in the end, but they told the truth.

Gabby had a roller coaster of a year because of her time in the spotlight with The Bachelor franchise and DWTS. She had some failures and success in her life, but she gained so much. From her special friendship with Rachel on The Bachelorette, to her new flirtation with Vinny Guadagnino, Gabby has formed some new relationships. She made breakthroughs with her personal life through The Bachelor franchise, and showcased her dancing talent on Dancing With The Stars. Gabby has stolen people’s hearts, and fans cannot wait to see what she does next.

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