Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Tweets About Jon And Sansa’s Relationship

Both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon place utmost importance on the institution of the family. Whereas House of the Dragon focuses squarely on the Targaryen family, the Starks are arguably the most important family in Game of Thrones. They lived in the North of Westeros, and their story is characterized by tragedy and eventual triumph.

Arya, Sansa, Bran, and their cousin, half Targaryen/half Stark – Jon Snow – survived until the end of Thrones. Whilst the Starks, particularly, Jon and Sansa weren’t always on the best of terms, they learned to stick together no matter what. Their relationship stood the test of time and fans on Twitter have a lot to say about them.


Broody Snow

Though Jon’s broody demeanor was a constant on Thrones, there were a few moments he smiled out of happiness. Twitter poster @TvKhaleesi correctly points out that Jon in “Book of the Stranger” was “…just happy to be reunited with one of his sibling…”

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The episode saw Jon and Sansa embrace each other after years of separation. The two finally met in season 6 after most of their family was wiped out, and Sansa had escaped from Ramsay Bolton. Jon was happy to have his sister safe with him, and his smile conveys just that.


Twitter poster @toomuchtelly correctly points out the difference between Jon’s short-term and Sansa’s long-term thinking, remarking, “…what good is surviving if what you are left is a power hungry tyrant.” Jon was alien to Westerosi politics, Sansa on the other hand had learned from the likes of Cersei Lannister who is well known for crafting some of the sneakiest plans on Game of Thrones.

Whilst Jon wanted Sansa to understand Daenerys was their last bid to survive, Sansa wanted the North to be an independent Kingdom. This tweet sums up the difference between Jon and Sansa’s ruling approaches and the tension that arose because he’d bend the knee to the Dragon Queen.

Battle Of The Bastards

Season 6’s “Battle of the Bastards is home to one of the most visually breathtaking scenes on Game of Thrones – aka the sequence that saw Jon’s forces fight the Bolton army outside of Winterfell.

The episode ended with Stark victory, and its aftermath was cathartic as Sansa watched Ramsay devoured by his hounds. Twitter poster @LordSnow uses real-life still of actors Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) to brilliantly point out that when the Stark siblings, Jon and Sansa united, they restored House Stark to its former glory, and thereafter, agreed to forge a relationship based on trust.


The highlight of “Book of the Stranger” for the House Stark fanbase was watching the emotional reunion between Jon and Sansa. They have paid homage to the scene through touching words, take say, Twitter poster @JBomb11 endearingly remarks, “…will rewind and watch Jon and Sansa’s reunion hug over and over again.”

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The reunion hug was a tearjerker because it marked an inflection point in Sansa and Jon’s lives. Jon had grown up to be far closer to the rest of the Stark children than Sansa, who in turn, had treated him awfully. Simply put, the Jon-Sansa found a place in fans’ hearts because it ended the duo’s emotional disconnect.

The Reunion

“Book of the Stranger,” is home to the tearful reunion that saw a disheveled Sansa and her brother, Jon reunite at Castle Black. This particular tweet by poster @WiCnet brilliantly pays homage to “the happiest…” and the most satisfying reunions on Game of Thrones.

Sansa was less friendly to Jon growing up and in fact, the first thing she did right after she settled was to seek his forgiveness. The siblings reunited after years of tribulations and this tweet is a perfect throwback to one of the happiest GoT moments.

Sansa-Daenerys Rivalry

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere sowed seeds of Sansa-Daenerys rivalry at which’s Centre was Jon. Interestingly, the feud that can be summed with the help of a few good Daenerys memes from Game of Thrones has also spawned this interesting tweet.

Twitter user @LuvNikita1 points to the discomfort that Jon felt while witnessing Sansa’s passive-aggressive diss at the Small Council meeting. He wasn’t okay with Sansa’s open defiance of their Queen, and felt uneasy when she boldly asked, “What do dragons eat anyway?” Jon wanted Sansa to put aside the petty squabbles and realize that they needed Dany’s help to survive.

Jon Vs. Ramsay

In the last stage of the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay left the field to hide inside Winterfell. Jon caught up to him and severely beat him until he saw Sansa and stopped.

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Twitter poster @zac_comics are in awe of the moment, and they say, “Jon just battled Ramsay and took revenge for what he did to his sister Sansa…” They are correct for Jon and Ramsay’s face-off was incredibly cathartic for the House Stark fanbase who wanted to avenge Sansa’s brokered, and horrific marriage to him.

Here Comes Sansa

In their first conversation post the reunion, Sansa motivated Jon to take back Winterfell from Ramsay. He kept declining saying he didn’t have an army and the Wildlings he took weren’t meant to serve him in his causes.

Twitter poster @klerolajn correctly points out that it was Sansa who helped Jon see that they needed to take back their home from the traitor Ramsay and avenge the Red Wedding. By writing, “…sansa [sic] gave jon [sic] a purpose..” they mean that Jon became the King in the North only when Sansa came into the picture and pushed him to fight for them.

Protective Jon

Jon was highly protective of his sisters and he did everything he could to save them from the perils of Westerosi politics. To that end, he waged a war to take back Winterfell, and warned the cunning Petyr Baelish to stay away from Sansa.

Jon wanted to save his sisters from vicious tyrants and his protective instinct is just what poster @GoT_Tyrion’s tweet conveys. Jon and Sansa’s bond took an interesting turn towards Thrones‘ end and blossomed beautifully over time.

Stark Banners

Twitter poster @iamkristinmari recalls the exhilarating moment when the brother-sister duo restored to House Stark’s former stature, writing, “…teary eyed watching this specific scene on GOT where Jon and Sansa are restoring House Stark.”

The Bolton banners were replaced with Stark banners at the end of the Battle of Bastards. Its end was pivotal because Jon and Sansa realized that they needed to trust each other and reestablishing Stark rule in the North inevitably meant social justice for the commoners.

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