Game Of Thrones: 8 Quotes That Sum Up Ygritte Perfectly

HBO announced years ago its intention to develop multiple Game of Thrones spinoffs, and the plan finally bore fruit when House of the Dragon premiered in August to solid reviews and huge ratings. The success of the new show suggests HBO’s gamble will continue to pay off in the long run, and many fans who found only disappointment in the original series’ finale are re-energized for new Game of Thrones content.

One of the most anticipated upcoming projects is the Jon Snow series. Despite her death in Game of Thrones, Ygritte’s history with Jon will likely play some role in his future beyond the Wall. A fan-favorite character, Ygritte’s memorable and unique dialogue demonstrates both her tough-as-nails exterior and the tender heart she hides beneath it. Many of her quotes are likely to resonate throughout Jon Snow.


“Oh, A Spider.”

Season 3, Episode 7: “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Ygritte makes fun of Jon Snow & southern girls in Game of Thrones

Growing up as a Wildling north of the wall, Ygritte always viewed southerners as being a bit prim and proper, and one of her best scenes is when she mocks them, dramatically falling into Jon Snow’s arms feigning fear of spiders.

In reality, Ygritte is pretty fearless. What she saw beyond the wall and the things she did in her life far exceeded the terror born from any spider. This line not only showcases this lack of fear but also how different Ygritte is to women (and people in general) south of the wall, many of whom would indeed start sweating at the sight of an eight-legged critter.

“I’ll Cut Your Pretty C— Right Off And Wear It ‘Round My Neck.”

Season 3, Episode 6: “The Claimb”

Ygritte Shoots at Jon

The romance between Jon Snow and Ygritte is one of the best in Game of Thrones and one of the most tragic, with the two genuinely loving one another but unable to be together. Jon betrayed her despite this warning, a choice that was arguably villainous yet justified.

This whole warning from Ygritte to Jon to not betray her perfectly sums up her character because it showcases her emotional side, which is attached to Jon, and loves him while also displaying her fiercer side. It is believable that she would do this to Jon if he hurt her, despite her feelings for him.

“I Didn’t Kill Him, But I Bet His Balls Are Still Bruised.”

Season 3, Episode 6: “The Claimb”

Rose Leslie as Ygritte aiming bow and arrow at Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

After handing Jon Snow a pair of crampons too big for her, she says this, offering it as a rebuttal to Jon asking if he killed someone for them, and it is such a typical Ygritte response.

What makes it so is not only the fact she may have beat someone up for the crampons but also that fans know she would and could fight any man or woman if she felt she had to or if they had something she wanted. This line also highlights the funny side of Ygritte, which pops out repeatedly in conversations with Jon Snow.

“You Been Thinking About That Ginger Minge?”

Season 4, Episode 9: “The Watchers On The Wall”

Ygritte warns Thenn's not to kill Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

After Jon betrays Ygritte and returns to the Night’s Watch, she has conflicted feelings of anger and love towards him and vows to murder him herself, warning the other Wildlings to stay away from him. She also hilariously and fearlessly shuts down a Thenn.

Standing up to him after his comments about Ygritte and Jon, this is one of her most badass moments and funniest shutdowns. She is intimidating, tough, and unflinching despite the much larger stature of those facing her. That, coupled with the violence she promises, makes this a very typical Ygritte moment and quote.

“Why Would A Girl See Blood And Collapse?”

Season 3, Episode 7: “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Rose Leslie as Ygritte in Game of Thrones.

Living life beyond the wall, Ygritte and many others had to get used to a slew of harsh realities and conditions in which most others would perish. Therefore it is no surprise that she is shocked at the idea of anyone seeing blood and fainting, much less any other woman.

As Ygritte points out to Jon, women bleed more than men. Due to this and due to the things she has seen and fights she has fought, it is ridiculous to her that they would faint at the sight of blood. Blood to her is commonplace, and a quote like this sums up that rougher, survivalist side of her life.

“You Rip Up My Silk Dress, I’ll Blacken Your Eye.”

Season 3, Episode 7: “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Jon and Ygritte in Game of Thrones

There was a lot of internal conflict within Jon Snow when he fell in love with Ygritte, and this can wonderfully be seen when he teases the idea of Ygritte being in silk dresses (presumably south of the wall), which he can rip off. Ygritte’s response is typically brilliant.

If, in some fantasy world, Jon were to take Ygritte to a place where she could don silk dresses, and he accidentally ripped one, it is so easy to picture Ygritte smacking the broodiness off his face. It is a loving threat of violence, and one Jon quickly got accustomed to as it was one of Ygritte’s most prominent forms of communication.

“If We Die, We’ll Die. But First, We’ll Live.”

Season 3, Episode 7: “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Ygritte and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

One of the many things Ygritte seemed to not shudder in fear of was death. Like most Wildlings, all Ygritte wanted was to live life, freely, as she wanted, without shackles, and that itself was worth dying for. Not living life was scarier than death.

That whole ideology of the Wildlings is summed up in this iconic quote from Ygritte, who passionately tells him that they are one another. This quote is slightly tragic since they do not get to truly live together. Still, the promise of a full, free life is enough to inspire hope and defy the fear which is commonplace when speaking on death, as well as sum up the general life purpose of the character.

“You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

Various Episodes

Jon Snow holds dying Ygritte

There are many characters in Game of Thrones who have one line synonymous with their character. Ygritte is one of the best examples of this, with her “You know nothing, Jon Snow” remaining one of the most fondly remembered and iconic lines of the show.

It also happens to sum up a lot of the character. She showed the world to Jon Snow in a whole new light, teaching him things about love and how to live. He did know nothing when they met. On top of all that, though, this is the line everyone instantly thinks of when hearing Ygritte’s name. It appears through some of her most memorable moments and are her last words, being there with her along both her and Jon’s character arcs and helping showcase the dynamic between them.

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