Game Of Thrones: 9 Quotes That Prove Tyrion & Bronn Had The Best Friendship

A consistent criticism of House of the Dragon season 1 was a lack of comedic characters, which was an area that Game of Thrones excelled with. From the Night’s Watch brothers to Arya’s traveling companions, all the way to Tyrion Lannister and Bronn, the show exceeded in developing friendships with fun banter mixed with touching moments.

Though Tyrion and Bronn’s friendship has money at its foundation, the two develop an admiration for one another’s company that extends beyond the pay checks. Tyrion is happy to award Bronn with whatever wealth he can share, and Bronn is happy to extend his services to a Lord who shares his interests and humor.


“I’ll Stand For The Dwarf.”

Bronn Puts His Name Forward In Supporting Tyrion

An image of Tyrion looking surprised in Game Of Thrones

Tyrion and Bronn barely know each other when Bronn elects himself to defend him in a trial by combat at The Eyrie. Their trip there from The Riverlands showed that they had a similar sense of humor and hinted that they would get along, but it isn’t until this moment that they form their bond.

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When all hope seems lost for Tyrion, Bronn steps in. While his hopes may be set more on a chance for gold than for friendship, Bronn is still willing to risk his life for a stranger and this builds a lasting relationship.

“Lord Of Highgarden, Lord Paramount Of The Reach, And Master Of Coin”

Tyrion Trusts Bronn With Power

The Eyrie looking foggy in Game Of Thrones

In the epilogue scenes in Game of Thrones, it is revealed that Bronn has finally gotten his castle, along with some very important titles. While some fans may have considered it a ridiculous and unrealistic decision to trust Bronn with such power, Tyrion obviously does.

After everything the two had been through, with years of separation and animosity between the two (especially when Bronn was used against Tyrion by Cersei), Tyrion still trusts Bronn in this position. If one thing is for certain, these two will likely be friends for a long time.

“No Fire Games, No Knife Games, Let’s Do Something I’m Good At.”

Tyrion Is Willing To Open Up Around Bronn

Tyrion and Bronn lead the hill tribes in Game of Thrones

No friendship has its interests perfectly aligned. While Tyrion and Bronn both share similar hobbies, they have their differences as well, primarily Bronn’s aptitude for violence. After their long journey, the scenes at the Lannister camp show the pair in their first opportunity to kick back and relax as more than just traveling companions.

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The scene of them playing games shows Tyrion being vulnerable with his friend, as well as his new lover Shae, when he divulges the story of his first marriage. Tyrion wanted to play a game centered around storytelling so he could truly become acquainted with the new people he had begun to bond with.

“Just Because I Pay You For Your Services Doesn’t Diminish Our Friendship.”

Tyrion And Bronn Have A Mutual Understanding

Tyrion and Bronn looking muddy after the Battle of the Riverlands

The whole exchange of dialogue between Tyrion and Bronn shows the effects of a full season of time together. Bronn reminds Tyrion to not get himself killed in the battle, and the two have a short back-and-forth banter about the monetary aspect of their friendship. Bronn suggests that the payment actually enhances their friendship.

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Bronn would likely enjoy Tyrion’s company without the pleasure of his wallet, but his desire to initially help Tyrion comes from him wanting to benefit financially. Having previously been poor and without titles, it’s understandable that Bronn should be paid his worth for his services.

“If I Wanted Wits I’d Marry You.”

Bronn Admires Tyrion’s Intelligence

Bronn laughing in Game of Thrones

Bronn is not a man who’s quick to give out a compliment, so when he admits his admiration for Tyrion’s brain, it means something. Tyrion suggests that Bronn’s would-be wife isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer, but Bronn clearly has his priorities set for what he sees as a happy marriage.

Bronn enjoys Tyrion’s company for more than just the gold and titles he can provide. Tyrion isn’t much like other Westerosi nobles, lacking much of the entitlement that would make most of the wealthy incompatible with a companion like Bronn. Tyrion also has more of a sense of humor than other nobles (although, unfortunately, his darker humor is one thing fans think hasn’t aged well about Tyrion).

“Go Drink Until It Feels Like You Did The Right Thing.”

Bronn Knows What Advice To Give Tyrion

Shae and Tyrion together on Game of Thrones

One of Tyrion’s biggest conflicts in seasons 3 and 4 is how he tried to protect Shae from the wrath of Cersei and Tywin. After thinking he had sent her off for her own good, Tyrion grows paranoid that something still could have gone wrong. This then leads to Bronn reassuring him in this moment.

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While the line is meant partially for comedic purposes, as with most of Bronn’s dialogue, there’s an extra meaning to it that corresponds to Westeros. This world is extremely difficult to survive in, and doing the right thing, on top of survival, is a feat few can accomplish. Bronn knows how hard choices like this can be.

“Because You’re An Evil B*stard With No Conscience And No Heart? That’s What I Liked About You In The First Place.”

Tyrion Appreciates Bronn’s Proficiency For Violence

Tyrion demands a trial by combat

Even when faced with death Tyrion has some of the best comedic lines in the series. After Bronn declines his offer to defend him, Tyrion doesn’t grow angry or upset with his friend like many would expect. The two have a mutual understanding of each other, which makes their relationship so strong.

Tyrion needs Bronn for his cold-blooded mentality towards killing, but when faced against The Mountain and Tywin Lannister by proxy, not even Bronn can defend him. Tyrion sees there’s no point in Bronn going down with the ship too.

“I Like You, Pampered Little Sh*t That You Are. I Just Like Myself More.”

Bronn Always Keeps It Real With Tyrion

Oberyn Martell and The Mountain fighting in Game of Thrones

In one of Bronn’s best GoT quotes, Bronn truly tells it how it is to his friend. While it may seem like a selfish thing to say, the line characterizes the dynamic between the two well. Tyrion argues for Bronn to take on the trial by combat for a moment, but realistically knows Bronn is in the right to say no.

As Bronn points out, Tyrion hasn’t ever risked his life for him, and his refusal to fight doesn’t mean any ill-will. Bronn is a self-centered man, with his eyes mainly on wealth. It speaks volumes to their friendship that Bronn has even come to face him and be honest about him passing on the trial by combat, given his self-driven nature.

“You Gonna Fight For Him Now?”

Bronn Supports Tyrion From Afar

An image of Bronn and Jamie fighting in Game of Thrones

One of the most dramatic story arcs in the entirety of Game of Thrones’ eight season run is the trial of Tyrion Lannister for Joffrey’s murder. No one can blame Bronn for not wanting to throw his life away fighting The Mountain, and his moment with Jaime reinforces that he does care for his friend and doesn’t want to see him executed.

Bronn calls back to his first meetings with Tyrion in The Vale, reminding Jaime of how much admiration Tyrion has for his brother, and vice versa. Bronn isn’t one to hold his tongue, but it’s rarely for serious and heartfelt comments. Tyrion may not have lived if it wasn’t for Bronn encouraging Jaime to help him.

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