Georgie & Mandy’s Young Sheldon Breakup Can Prevent Extra TBBT Tragedy

While The Big Bang Theory‘s version of the character’s future already showed that Georgie has some serious struggles ahead of him, Young Sheldon season 6 could ease the character’s burden by breaking up Mandy and Georgie. Thanks to Georgie’s appearance in The Big Bang Theory, viewers of the sitcom spinoff already know that Young Sheldon’s Mandy and Georgie will break up sooner or later. It’s not clear whether Mandy is the ex-wife that Georgie complains about in The Big Bang Theory but, if she isn’t, the couple should break up before one other traumatic event.


There’s never a good time to break up with someone, but dumping a romantic partner shortly after they have unexpectedly lost a parent might be the worst timing imaginable. As such, Young Sheldon season 6 should hasten Georgie and Mandy’s inevitable breakup so that the event occurs before, and not after, the sudden death of Georgie’s father, George Sr. Since the couple seems happy and relatively stable right now, Young Sheldon should take the chance to break them up before George Sr dies since the inverse would be too brutally sad for the show’s tone and could make the sitcom feel hopelessly bleak.

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Georgie’s Sad Big Bang Theory Fate Explained

Young Sheldon Georgie The Big Bang Theory

Like his sister Missy, Georgie’s future is already set in stone by the events of The Big Bang Theory. After Young Sheldon’s George Sr dies, Georgie ends up trying to support his mother and his younger siblings, eventually overworking and burning himself out. This comes at a high personal cost and Georgie is divorced by the time Sheldon is reunited with him in The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 23, “The Sibling Realignment.” In that episode, the duo manage to patch things up. However, for this reconciliation to occur, Georgie first needs to go through the wringer in terms of trauma.

Before forgiving Sheldon, Georgie sacrifices his independence, and presumably his relationship with his first wife, to support Mary, Sheldon, and Missy. There is a good chance that the ex-wife mentioned in The Big Bang Theory is Mandy, his current girlfriend who is pregnant with their child in Young Sheldon season 6. Georgie’s grief over George Sr’s sudden death in Young Sheldon could be the conduit that leads the new parents to break up, but this would be a brutally depressing turn of events for the series. The Big Bang Theory spinoff is ostensibly a family comedy, so a better option would be to break up Mandy and Georgie over something less serious before this event.

Why Georgie And Mandy Need To Break Up

Young Sheldon Mandy and Georgie break up

Georgie and Mandy are unfortunately doomed to break up because Georgie is divorced by the time he is seen in The Big Bang Theory. This could potentially mean that they get married and managed to last a few years after the end of Young Sheldon but before the events of The Big Bang Theory, but it seems more likely that the volatile couple would break up sooner than later. Much like Young Sheldon justified Sheldon’s character traits from The Big Bang Theory, the spinoff has already shown that Georgie can step up to the plate and provide for Mandy and their unborn child before he later does the same for Mary, Missy, and Sheldon after George Sr’s death.

Dragging Out Georgie and Mandy’s Breakup Would Be Worse

Young Sheldon Mandy and Georgie

The worst way for Young Sheldon season 6 to handle the death of George Sr would be for the show to depict Georgie and Mandy continuing their relationship, having a child together, getting married, and then breaking up because of Georgie’s inability to provide for two families after his father’s death. This is way too dark a storyline for The Big Bang Theory spinoff and would make Young Sheldon’s version of Mary a monster for expecting her son (who already has a child of his own to care for) to look after his siblings. Similarly, Mandy breaking up with Georgie over his inability to handle the loss of his father would be uncharacteristically callous.

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How Young Sheldon Season 6 Can Avoid This Breakup

Young Sheldon season 6 trailer Georgie and Mandy

The only way for Young Sheldon season 6 to avoid breaking up Mandy and Georgie before George Sr’s death is for The Big Bang Theory spinoff to keep the couple together semi-permanently. The implication would be that the pair got married and later divorced well into the future, long after the events of Young Sheldon. However, this would not work as effectively as breaking up Georgie and Mandy before George Sr’s death. Since George Sr’s death is already guaranteed to take a toll on Georgie (as outlined in the events of The Big Bang Theory), it makes sense for Young Sheldon season 6 to get the less impactful heartbreak out of the way first.

Losing Mandy will be hard for Georgie, but it’s not the first breakup he has been through and won’t be the last. Moreover, if Mandy explains that she can’t stay with Georgie because she doesn’t think that he is ready for the responsibility of parenthood, this could explain why Georgie felt the need to essentially replace his father after George Sr’s sudden death. While Georgie resented Sheldon in adulthood, it is worth noting that Missy, Mary, and Sheldon didn’t demand that he provide for their family. However, like Young Sheldon season 6 justified Sheldon’s obsession with credit in The Big Bang Theory, the series take similar steps to explain the source of Georgie’s insecurity.

Young Sheldon’s Season 6 Breakup Can Explain The Big Bang Theory’s Georgie

young sheldon 100th episode best cameo big bang theory georgie or missy

If Mandy’s reasoning for breaking up with Georgie is rooted in his youth, immaturity, and inability to prove himself responsible, this gives more context to The Big Bang Theory’s overworked, resentful version of the character. If Young Sheldon season 6 gives Georgie a breakup that leaves him wanting to prove himself and then follows this with the death of George sr, viewers will finally have a clearer understanding of why Georgie felt compelled to save his family after his father’s passing. This would be a tragic but believable arc for the well-meaning, but naive and bull-headed, Georgie, and would allow Young Sheldon to set up one of The Big Bang Theory’s best cameos.

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