Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith’s 10 Best Voiceovers, Ranked

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy can watch former stars Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening in the upcoming Lifetime film Reindeer Games Homecoming. As Drew told Entertainment Weekly, “Mac and Chase are super different from April and Matthew… Matthew was an interesting character, but I think Chase has a lot more grit and more layers to him.”

Just like viewers still have fond memories of former characters like April Kepner, fans will always love Meredith Grey, even though Ellen Pompeo is starring in fewer episodes in season 19. One of the best things about Meredith’s strong, tough and smart character are her voiceovers, which open and close each episode. Meredith’s most significant voiceovers are wise and help her work through the feelings and situations that she’s dealing with.


10/10 “Life Is Messy, That’s How We’re Made.”

Meredith closes the season 1 episode “The First Cut Is The Deepest”

Meredith holding a baby in the hospital in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith’s voiceovers either use surgery or working at the hospital as metaphors for life, or she’s thinking about an experience that she’s currently having. Meredith’s best Grey’s Anatomy storylines are as dramatic as they are emotional, and in the second episode of the series, Meredith explains that life can’t be perfect or tied up in a neat bow.

While not quite as memorable as some others, this voiceover helps explain that Meredith finds it hard to accept the tough, “messy” parts of life. Meredith would love to always be in charge and to know what to do next, and at this point in the series, she’s dealing with the confusing, complicated feelings that she has for Derek Shepherd.

9/10 “Surgeons Always Have A Plan.”

Meredith explains how doctors think in season 3

Meredith smiling in Grey's Anatomy Season 18

Meredith often thinks about how surgeons want things to be perfect and easily understood, as they like to help others and succeed. Sometimes, Meredith explains that although surgeons have a vision of the way that life should be, they are often surprised.

It’s clear from the way that the main characters behave that they like being in charge, so when compared to some others, this voiceover isn’t as necessary. It’s still a smart way for Meredith to describe herself and the people who she becomes close to over the years through working at the hospital.

8/10 “They Are The Ones Who Wouldn’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer.”

Meredith thinks about scientists in season 10

Meredith walking through the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

In season 19, Meredith moves her family to Boston so she and Jackson Avery can work to cure Alzheimer’s. When Meredith talks about how scientists ignore people who tell them that they can’t do something, she could be foreshadowing this big moment.

Meredith’s most intriguing voiceovers are when she talks about her own life, or sounds emotional, but Meredith’s words helps flesh out her character since this is the kind of doctor and person that she strives to be.

7/10 “Second Chances Can Feel Like An Insult…”

Meredith says this quote in the season 19 premiere “Everything Has Changed”

Meredith and Zola smiling in Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy fans thought about season 19 character returns and it has been fun seeing Jackson again. In the season 19 premiere, Meredith talks about second chances being “A chance to live the life you’ve always wanted.”

Since Meredith is thinking about the path her life has taken and the opportunities that she has been given, this voiceover stands out. Now that viewers know that Meredith is working on the medical field that she has wanted to and that she’s a devoted parent, it seems like everything is coming together.

6/10 “There Are Days that Make The Sacrifices Seem Worthwhile.”

Meredith describes being an intern in season 2

Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, George O'Malley and other interns in front of their lockers on Grey's Anatomy

While several of Meredith’s voiceovers blend into each other since so many of them are focused on surgery and the hospital, it’s compelling when Meredith talks about the things that interns and residents sacrifice. Over many seasons, fans watch Meredith, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, Jo Wilson, Maggie Pierce, Amelia Shepherd, and the other main characters work hard, struggle, and wonder if they should find more time for their personal lives.

It’s important to hear Meredith say that despite all that she has given up, including free time and a so-called “regular” life, she knows that saving people’s lives and making medical discoveries are what give her life meaning and she’s proud of herself.

5/10 “My Mother Said, Tell The Truth! Just Tell The Best Version Of The Truth You Can.”

Meredith shares her mom’s advice in season 15

Ellis and Meredith Grey talking and holding hands on Grey's Anatomy

Although Meredith sometimes talks about Ellis Grey in her voiceovers, this is the most fascinating one since it’s such good advice. Lying is never a good idea, but Ellis’s realization that there is a better, smarter and more compassionate way to present the truth to someone is wise.

Since Meredith doesn’t have fond memories of her mom, it’s nice to hear her share advice that her mom gave her, which makes this voiceover stand out. It’s not quite as compelling as some others, but it’s still food for thought.

4/10 “I Could Quit But Here’s The Thing, I Love The Playing Field.”

Meredith explains why she does her job in the pilot

Derek and Meredith smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith is one of the most skilled Grey’s Anatomy doctors and she uses baseball as a metaphor for the job that she loves so much. Meredith starts talking about how people think about challenges and hard times in terms of winning or losing and shares that “the playing field” is what she enjoys.

Sports metaphors can be cheesy but they’re always effective and powerful as they explain how trying hard and having a good time are what matter. Meredith explains that she will always work hard and will never back down, no matter what’s going on, and these are qualities that viewers appreciate the most in this character.

3/10 “It’s Hard To Let Go Of That Fairy Tale Entirely…”

Meredith thinks about the hope that children have

Meredith Grey in scrubs in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith’s best voiceovers are sweet and inspiring, as she gets deep about topics that are close to her heart. In what is one of her most emotional, she says that kids wish that their lives will resemble fairy tales. She says that adults have “hope and faith that one day they’ll open their eyes and it will all come true.”

In some ways, Meredith’s life does resemble the fairy tale that she’s talking about, as she becomes the doctor she dreamed of, makes friends who become family, and falls in love with Derek, which leads to her having kids of her own. In other ways, Meredith’s life is a tragedy as she loses Derek and has to forge ahead without him. Her voiceover explains the complicated thoughts she has about this impossible situation.

2/10 “Halloween Is Not For The Faint Of Heart. There’s A Surprise Around Every Corner.”

Meredith thinks about October 31st in season 10

Meredith leans through a door in Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has great holiday episodes and in season 10, Meredith talks about Halloween at the beginning of an episode. She talks about how it can be nerveracking to wear a costume and knock on a stranger’s door and jokes about asking “trick or treat?” Meredith’s words about Halloween surprises are a perfect and smart metaphor for how unexpected life can be.

Since Halloween is a memorable time of year in general, Meredith’s voiceover is one of the more unforgettable ones. Meredith is also right when she talks about how no one knows what’s going to happen and all they can do is move forward the best that they can.

1/10 “No Matter How Dark It Gets, The Sun’s Gonna Rise Again.”

Meredith tries to find hope after Derek’s death in season 11

Meredith standing behind Derek on Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy can definitely be thought of as before and after Derek’s passing, and Meredith’s grief over Derek is thoughtfully shown over several seasons. In season 11, shortly after saying goodbye to the love of her life, Meredith’s voiceover explains that she still has some hope.

This is Meredith’s most significant voiceover since figuring out how to live without Derek is her greatest challenge. It’s impossible for Meredith to think about her life in the same way again since now she has to raise her children alone and think about what’s next for her career. Meredith’s words are sweet and inspiring and show how strong she is.

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