Hollyoaks star Theo Graham unveils aftermath of Hunter and Olivia twist

Hollyoaks star Theo Graham has opened up about the aftermath of the scandalous twist involving his character Hunter McQueen and Olivia Bradshaw.

In the soap, the scheming Olivia (Emily Burnett) is set to marry Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) but the night before the wedding, she sleeps with Prince’s brother Hunter.

Hunter has no idea who she is and is beyond shocked when he finds out the truth the next day, presenting a horrible situation for him. Graham breaks down the aftermath of this scandal.

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“He bumps into Prince’s fiancé Olivia, not knowing who she is. He feels sorry for Olivia when he first meets her and I think the feelings they had for each other were mutual,” Graham said.

“They found solace in each other but of course when he finds out the truth, in true Hollyoaks style he’s gobsmacked and speechless.”

Graham explained that Hunter is angry about the situation and is initially “torn” about whether to tell his brother the truth or keep it quiet so he can have a happy wedding. Ultimately, Hunter can’t keep it in and eventually does the right thing, Graham said.

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“He tried doing what he thought was the right thing and let the wedding go ahead. He put himself in Prince’s shoes and can clearly see that he’s happy, this girl is his absolute world, so he doesn’t want to ruin that,” Graham said.

“He tries his best to move past it but I think it gets too much when he realises how serious it is, and ultimately he makes the best decision. Hunter has morals, so to hold something like that on his mind forever and not tell Prince, he wouldn’t be doing a good thing.”

prince mcqueen and hunter mcqueen in hollyoaks

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Thompson returns to Hollyoaks just in time for his twin brother’s wedding after he left the soap back in 2018. For Thompson, however, it feels like no time has passed at all.

“It feels so great to be back — it’s like I’ve never left. We all get on so well so it’s nice to be filming with them all again,” Thompson said.

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