How Love Is Blind Season 3’s Colleen & Matt Fit Their Zodiac Signs

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton’s tumultuous relationship surprised Love Is Blind season 3 fans, and although their compatibility has been questioned, their respective zodiac signs may partially explain their personalities. Before Colleen and Matt got engaged in the pods, Colleen was rejected by Brennon Lemieux, who tied the knot with Alexa Alfia. The same thing happened to Colleen with Cole Barnett, who dramatically split from Zanab Jaffrey. When they finally met in person, ballet dancer Colleen and aerospace manufacturer Matt appeared to be one of the stronger season 3 couples, but it didn’t take long for the cracks in their relationship to show.


When Colleen and Matt were getting along, their engagement was great. However, when they argued on Love Is Blind season 3, viewers were immediately concerned for Colleen. Matt, whose previous marriage ended on bad terms, threatened to leave Colleen multiple times, and was criticized for his irrational paranoia. On the other hand, Colleen was described by fans as somewhat immature and naive. In the end, Colleen and Matt married on Love Is Blind, and despite their odd behavior throughout the season 3 reunion, they have remained together. Although Colleen and Matt were not expected to last beyond the series’ third installment, their respective zodiac signs may shed some light on their dynamic.

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Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed Is A Loyal & Mysterious Scorpio

Based on an Instagram post from 2020, Colleen was born on October 28, which makes her a Scorpio. Scorpios, as Water signs, are generally considered to be emotional, intense, passionate, and devoted to their professional and personal relationships. Based on Colleen’s journey on Love Is Blind season 3, these characteristics couldn’t be more accurate. Although viewers poked fun at Colleen for her constant mentions of ballet, there’s no denying that she is dedicated to her career, and puts her all into everything that she does. This could also be seen in her relationship with Matt. Despite all of their hurdles on Love Is Blind, Colleen never wanted to walk away from Matt.

Love Is Blind’s Matt Bolton Is A Passionate & Fiery Aries

Matt puts his arm around Colleen in Love Is Blind season 3.

While Matt’s exact birthday is unknown, multiple sources, including Distractify, report that the Love Is Blind season 3 star is an Aries who was born in mid-April. Aries is a Fire sign, and Aries natives are regarded as confident, direct, impulsive, and (like Scorpios) intensely dedicated to their careers and partners. Although Matt quickly became one of fans’ least favorite Love Is Blind contestants, due to his unnecessary arguments and “red flag” behavior towards Colleen, Matt’s Aries personality was on full display throughout Love Is Blind season 3. Matt never kept his opinions to himself, and although his communication with Colleen wasn’t the best, viewers who watched the recent Love Is Blind season know that Matt had a strong presence.

Since Love Is Blind season 3 concluded, Colleen and Matt have remained loyal to one another, despite the criticism that they have gotten from fans, and the concerns that viewers have. While Colleen and Matt have yet to move in together, which they revealed to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey on the dramatic Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, they have already expressed an interest in kids (and a second wedding ceremony) in interviews. Although Colleen and Matt clashed throughout season 3, if Colleen’s Instagram is anything to go by, the unexpected couple is doing just fine.

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Love Is Blind season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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