Inside The Sister Wives Fan Petition For Christine To Have Her Own Show

Sister Wives followers have decided to start their own petition, to try and convince producers to give Christine and Janelle Brown their own series.

It seems like Sister Wives fans are over the current premise of the show, as some have started a petition for Christine and Janelle Brown to get their own spinoff. The former second and third wives of Kody Brown have always been fan favorites, thanks to their genuine personalities. Now that they are single, fans feel that cameras following their new lifestyles would make for a great show.

As a lot of Sister Wives fans already know, Janelle said “I do” to Kody back in 1993, and Christine joined the Browns in 1994. Almost immediately, the two women realized that they had a lot in common. Not only were they married to the same man, but both ended up having six children. Janelle has always been thankful to Christine for raising her children, while she went out and worked to earn money for the family. Over the years, Sister Wives viewers could see the two women forming a special bond, especially when their marriages got tough. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christine and Janelle chose to see one another instead of Kody, solidifying their deep friendship.


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Fans Want More Of Christine And Janelle

Sister Wives followers have found themselves very moved by Janelle and Christine’s friendship, and some have started a petition on their own, in the hopes that TLC higher-ups will listen. One loyal follower shared their note to TLC, with multiple fans jumping on the bandwagon in support the initiative. The petition currently has 1,927 signatures, and the goal is at least 2,500. When that level of support is achieved, local news may pick up the story. TLC fans seemed to agree that they deserve to watch something positive, instead of Kody losing his cool.

Christine & Janelle Stand Alone

Christine Janelle Brown Sister Wives talking on sofa

It could be argued that a spinoff may hurt the Browns, rather than helping them. Some loyal Sister Wives viewers feel that the show should stay on the air, with all of them still starring in it. This would allow followers to see Janelle and Christine living their best lives, as Robyn Brown, Kody, and Meri Brown’s fall apart. There is little doubt that keeping the show going for more seasons might be better than a spinoff with Janelle and Christine. The new series would likely have an initial buzz, but then possibly become boring, and soon get canceled.

Christine and Janelle have already proven how strong they are, by leaving Kody and their world behind. Christine left the patriarch back in November 2021, while Janelle just revealed via the Sister Wives reunion that she and the father of 18 have separated. Kody is said to be breaking down, due to his wives leaving him. While he may not feel as solid as he once did in plural marriage, fans think that the move is the best thing Christine or Janelle could have done. They are crossing their fingers that a spinoff is coming their way.

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