Judith Makes Daryl’s Spinoff Awkward After The Walking Dead’s Finale

The Walking Dead finale ended with Daryl Dixon driving away to discover more about the zombie apocalypse, but it creates a problem for Judith Grimes.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead’s series finale.Now that The Walking Dead has finished, Daryl Dixon is set to star in his own solo spinoff, but his departure from Alexandria means he went back on his word to Judith Grimes. Daryl is a Walking Dead fan favorite and one of the few characters to have survived since the show’s first season. The Walking Dead franchise is continuing with several spinoffs, so it makes sense that Daryl is getting his own show given his popularity. He will be heading to France where he could uncover how the outbreak began and if there is a cure to stop people from reanimating as walkers.


Daryl Dixon leaving Alexandria for his latest adventure creates an awkward situation with Judith Grimes, who confessed in The Walking Dead‘s finale that after Michonne left to find Rick, she was scared that Daryl would leave as well. At the time, Daryl reassured Judith that he was there for her — but now, one year later he leaves. Although there are plenty of friendly faces in Alexandria to look after Judith and her younger brother R.J., Daryl has been their de facto father since Michonne and Rick have been away, so his departure means that the pair have lost another parental figure.

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Why Daryl Leaves In The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead‘s series finale revealed that Daryl Dixon leaves Alexandria because of Maggie. The finale’s one-year time jump showed that Maggie had been reinstated as the Hilltop’s leader and is keen to find out what more is out there. With him volunteering to search for distant communities, Daryl’s The Walking Dead spinoff suggests that he will be trying to learn how the outbreak started, why walkers are evolving, and if there is a cure. The Walking Dead finale also hinted that Daryl will be on the lookout for Rick and Michonne.

Out of all the survivors, it makes sense that Daryl is the one to go on his own solo mission. Since his introduction in The Walking Dead, Daryl has been the most capable survivor when it comes to hunting in the wild, and he is an expert tracker. Daryl is also comfortable with a nomadic lifestyle, having lived alone in the woods for years to search for Rick Grimes’s body after his assumed death.

Daryl Continues The Walking Dead’s Michonne Problem

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon’s departure continues The Walking Dead‘s trend of parents leaving their kids. Michonne leaving Judith and R.J. to find Rick is the biggest example of that, and it looks like Maggie will be leaving Hershel at the Hilltop while she goes to New York City with Negan in their upcoming Walking Dead spinoff. Although Daryl isn’t Judith and R.J.’s real father, he has acted like it since Michonne has been away, and although he promised to return, his departure in The Walking Dead will leave a big hole in the children’s lives.

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