Kate Winslet’s Ronal Is A Whole Different Type Of Badass

Avatar: The Way of Water introduces many new characters to the franchise, none of which make more of an impression than Kate Winslet’s Ronal.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Avatar: The Way of Water!

Avatar: The Way of Water expands the cast of the first film in many ways, with one addition making a big impression, Kate Winslet as Ronal. Winslet was cast in Avatar 2 in 2017, after working with James Cameron on Titanic, with the director stating that working on the film with Winslet was one of the most rewarding of his career. Like the rest of the cast, Winslet had to learn free-diving for the film, due to her character’s ties to the Metkayina people of Pandora.


While Avatar: The Way of Water focuses on the younger cast of the film, such as Jake and Neytiri’s children and the younger characters of the Metkayina, some of the older characters also got a focus. One of those is Tonowari, played by Cliff Curtis, the chief of the Metkayina. Alongside him, however, is Ronal, who is easily one of Avatar 2’s most compelling new characters both in this film and in terms of the future of the franchise.

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Ronal Is One Of Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Best New Characters

Kate Winslet as Ronal in Avatar: The Way of Water

Ronal is the Tsahik of the Metkayina, the tribe’s spiritual leader. When first introduced in the film, Ronal is pregnant and apprehensive about allowing Jake, Neytiri, and their family into the Metkayina’s care. Eventually, Ronal decides to allow the family to live among her clan, while still being cautious of the outsiders. Ronal is one of the best characters in Avatar: The Way of Water for a variety of reasons, this apprehension being one of them. It proves that Ronal is smart, as Jake is who brings the RDA to the Metkayina’s land. However, Ronal also does not hold the consequences of this against Jake and his family, instead helping them combat the RDA.

This just proves Ronal’s loyalty, as well as her willingness to do what is right no matter the cost due to her pregnancy. On top of her strong heart and personality, Ronal also has one of the best emotional throughlines of the film. As evident by the title, Avatar: The Way of Water focuses heavily on protecting the oceans and its creatures. This plot is exemplified by the tulkun, a sentient race of whale-like creatures who bond with the Metkayina. Ronal’s bond with a tulkun provides the most emotional scene in Avatar: The Way of Water, in which Quaritch and the RDA kill her spiritually-connected tulkun, providing her with the drive needed to aid Jake in his fight.

Why Ronal Is Important To Avatar & Its Sequels

Ronal screaming in Avatar The Way of Water

One of the reasons why Ronal will be important to the further Avatar sequels is because of what Avatar: The Way of Water established. Ronal, being the spiritual leader of the Metkayina who has now decided to accept Jake, Neytiri, and their children as part of their clan, will likely be a huge part of Avatar 3 specifically. From the ending of Avatar 2, in which Jake vows to fight the Sky People, it is likely the Metkayina will play a big part in the war against Quaritch and the RDA. Due to the emotional scene of Ronal losing her tulkun, she will also have a grudge against the RDA that can be capitalized on in future sequels to The Way of Water. All of this just proves why Ronal is Avatar: The Way of Water’s best new character.

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