Love Is Blind’s Cameron Hamilton Celebrates Wife Lauren Speed’s Birthday

Love Is Blind season 1 stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed celebrate Lauren’s 35th birthday and their 4th anniversary together in the same week.

Cameron Hamilton from Love Is Blind shared a post on Instagram wishing his wife Lauren Speed a Happy 35th Birthday. The couple met on Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 1, and are also celebrating their fourth anniversary as a couple. As one of the most iconic couples from the show, the two definitely have a lot to celebrate after the success they have gained from appearing and meeting on reality TV.

On Instagram, Cameron’s post said, “Happy birthday, my love! I’m grateful for you every day, rain or shine. You light up this world.” The pair is always gushing over each other on their social media accounts, ever since their season of Love is Blind aired. Aside from the birthday message, he also added, “The last four years together have been a gift. I threw away the receipt, so we’ve got to keep each other 😁 Happy anniversary, baby!” With Cameron and Lauren’s relationship constantly evolving, it is nice to see the couple in a great place celebrating even more milestones together.


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Love Is Blind’s Lauren Speed Celebrates Turning 35

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton on Love is Blind season 1

Lauren went on to share her husband Cameron’s post to her Instagram story, as well as a post of her own to mark the special occasion of turning 35. She said in her post, “I used to be so afraid of my 30s but I feel like life is just starting to get good! I can’t wait to see what the next 30 will look like!” Since being on the show Love Is Blind, the pair have had many opportunities to grow, and their fan base has been there cheering them on every step of the way.

Cameron and Lauren were seen all around the world in 2020 when Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix, but the show was actually filmed back in 2018. This is why the couple has been together for a successful four years already. The two have been open since being on the show, giving fans updates on their relationship through social media. They are happily in love, but are willing to admit when things get rough that marriage is hard, but worth it for Cameron and Lauren to be together.

The first season of Love Is Blind has one other couple that is still together, Amber Pike and Mike Barnett. Despite their relationship being portrayed as a bit rocky on the show, the couple is also celebrating a fourth wedding anniversary this year. The show had two more seasons since premiering in 2020, but the newer ones were not as successful in creating solid love matches as the first one. These Love Is Blind season 1 couples seem to be going strong, despite the crazy coverage of their lives on social media.

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