LPBW: All Of Jeremy And Audrey’s Business Ventures Explained

Little People, Big World fans are interested in learning more about Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s multiple successful and failed business ventures.

For years, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff of Little People, Big World have bragged about their multiple business ventures, with fans questioning how many ideas they are currently juggling. The couple hasn’t been spotted on television since 2018, and have been claiming to live a much more private life. However, Audrey’s constant updates have kept followers in the loop on all their successes and failures.

Audrey and Jeremy were never fan-favorites, as Audrey often came across as narcissistic and mean. Little People, Big World followers kept up to date with Audrey and Jeremy after they left the show. The main reason for quitting the TLC franchise was because the couple claimed they needed more privacy. Since stepping back, Audrey and Jeremy have continued to try and hold on tight to their fifteen minutes of fame, which have included a few business ventures.


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What Do Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Do For Work?

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Little People Big World standing in front of field

The Little People, Big World star’s first company, Beating 50 Percent, was established in 2016, according to The Sun. Audrey and Jeremy printed a marriage journal, and their site now sells themed journals for healthy relationships. The couple’s new Memories of Christmas journal sells for $60 a book, as both stars have been advertising their journals on social media. The parents also wrote a New York Times Bestseller called A Love Letter Life. Both Audrey and Jeremy have tried very hard to have fans believe that they have all the answers to the secrets of a happy marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey also had a podcast called Behind the Scenes, but a new episode hasn’t aired since 2021. Little People, Big World fans are also very aware that Audrey works with the pyramid scheme, Young Living, to sell a line of essential oils. Followers have flocked to her site to buy $120 CBD oil and diffusers. Audrey often posts about attending Young Living conferences as well. In addition, Audrey’s AUJPOJ, LLC, which was a clothing company, was dissolved by Washington State in 2022 after she failed to file an annual report. Together, the couple purchased a cabin in hopes of turning it into an Airbnb for 2023 rentals.

Recently, Audrey tried to drum up some sympathy for being a working mother, but found none among Little People, Big World fans. Many followers have often felt that Audrey enjoys complaining about the struggle of being a mother of three but, in reality, doesn’t have it that hard. Audrey often posts updates of her children playing on their new farm, leaving fans to believe she and Jeremy should put a bit more effort into their businesses to ensure they can afford their current lifestyle.

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