LPBW: Tori Roloff Spends Thanksgiving Away From Family Due To Sickness

Amid the Little People, Big World feud, Tori Roloff decided to sit out Thanksgiving with the family after falling ill around the holiday.

With the holidays fast approaching, germs are everywhere, and Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World knows firsthand how a cold can interfere with life after missing Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Tori has been steering clear of Roloff Farms and her father-in-law after her husband, Zack Roloff, had a falling out with the patriarch. Now the couple and their three children are following their own path in Battleground, Washington.

The mother of three shared with Instagram followers on Black Friday that her festive plans didn’t go as planned this year as she fell ill. Tori posted a photo of her family as the sun set on an eventful Thanksgiving. While sick in bed, Tori shared her feelings about having to miss Josiah’s first Thanksgiving, noting the day was “emotional.” Tori shared that it was her turn to host her side of the family this year, but in the end, she had to cancel the get-together. Even though it was not the day Tori planned, she still shared a few things she was thankful for.


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Zach Took The Kids To Amy Roloff’s Home

Little People Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff sitting on porch with kids and dog

In her lengthy tribute, Tori shared that she was thankful for her family and husband, noting that Zach took such good care of her the last few days. Tori revealed that Zach “always thinks of others” and that he decided to go to Amy’s so the kids could be around family. Naturally, the mother of three was also thankful for her children Jackson, Lilah and Josiah. However, Tori’s day wasn’t all positive moments as she shared that looking at others’ social media profiles made her sad.

Little People, Big World fans were happy to hear that Zach drove to Amy’s house since they are still on good terms. Amy has been an intricate part of helping out her son and daughter-in-law when it comes to the three kids. While Zach is on the outs with Matt, Amy has taken her children’s side as she feels her ex-husband made the wrong decision when he chose not to sell the family farm to his twin boys.

The current season of Little People, Big World is showing just how out of touch Matt is with his family. The patriarch ditched the family in order to celebrate Thanksgiving with 6,000 strangers and Caryn Chandler on the east coast. There has been no peace since Matt made the decision to sell the farm to a third party. While Tori made it clear she was thankful for many people, she conveniently missed mentioning Matt.

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