LPBW’s Jacob Roloff Helps Out Jeremy With Gigantic Christmas Tree

Little People, Big World fans are pleased to see Jacob Roloff show up in Audrey’s IG Story, in which the family go searching for a Christmas tree.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have stolen the holiday spirit from Little People, Big World fans after revealing that they took a whole day to find a Christmas tree, leaving fans feeling as if they don’t have any real responsibilities, but Jacob Roloff was there to lend a helping hand. The couple often humblebrags about their lackadaisical lives, even though Audrey likes to pretend she is always busy. For years, the couple has annoyed fans, who continue to question what they actually do for a living.


Fans flocked to Reddit recently to post about their shared disdain for what they consider to be LPBW‘s two laziest stars. However, an unlikely hero made it into the rant. Audrey had just shared a post on Instagram showing off her and her family’s trek as they searched for the perfect pine tree. In the Instagram video, Audrey shared multiple slides that featured the mammoth task and time it took to get the large spruce into their new, unrenovated farmhouse. Also there to help out was Jacob, who is now living on Roloff Farm. Jeremy and Audrey’s new home is only an eight-minute drive from his childhood home, so it makes sense that Jacob was able to pop over to help.

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Little People, Big World's Jeremy RoloffLPBW Fans Call Out Audrey & Jeremy Roloff

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff from Little People, Big World posing outside home

Jacob has been seen more and more with his older brother after years of shying away from the spotlight. Jacob’s appearance has led fans to believe that he is interested in making up with his brother. Even though Jacob showed up, LPBW viewers still felt the need to complain about how Audrey and Jeremy had to use large machines and their new tractor to install the tree, with Audrey gushing over her husband when he was finally done. Pristine_Luck419 noted that it “must be nice” to have no “adult obligations,” noting the tree was completely impractical. Some LPBW fans joked that it was the benefits of Audrey’s oil-selling side hustle as it has clearly put her on top of the “pyramid scheme.” One other thread participant made an insightful remark, sharing that no matter how hard Jeremy tries not to be like Matt Roloff, the purchase of the large tree proves otherwise.

The saga of their Christmas tree left Little People, Big World fans feeling exhausted. While the couple seemed chirpy about their one-day adventure, followers were left feeling as if three days had already passed when they were done clicking through Audrey’s Instagram Story. The supposedly mind-numbing and pointless content she and Jeremy post have only continued to enrage followers, who are already threatening to boycott LPBW due to its boring storylines. While Jeremy and Audrey may be in the holiday spirit, they sure left followers feeling like they were delivered some coal.

Little People, Big World fans have always liked Jacob. As the youngest Roloff, he wasn’t featured for long on the family show before deciding to quit and start his own life. As for the newest post, while at times it was like watching Buddy the elf put up a tree, fans just couldn’t get into the holiday spirit. The next post will undoubtedly show how Jeremy took hours to string all the lights and baubles, hopefully with help from Jacob. TLC fans have grown weary of Audrey’s posts. The last few have been urging LPBW followers to buy her marriage journal and complaining about how hard it is to be a mother of three. Hopefully, more of her social media posts will start to include the very likable Jacob too.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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