Sami Zayn, The Betrayer, Will One Day Be WWE’s Most White Hot Face

If Shakespeare were writing for WWE, Survivor Series would have ended Sami Zayn and The Bloodline’s second act. In the five-act play structure, the action rises and reaches a climax during the third act, and it seems like that’s where this wonderfully woven story is heading. In the words of Michael Cole, the Honorary Uce sold his soul to the devil, selling out his lifelong friend Kevin Owens during the finish of the WarGames match. Zayn entered the fight on Roman Reigns’ side, but a turn from him was heavily hinted at during the three-week build to the premium live event. That isn’t the way things shook out at Survivor Series, though.


In the match’s closing moments, Owens once again had Reigns beat. For those of you keeping track at home, it’s the third time he’s had The Tribal Chief dead to rights, but outside forces prevented him from scoring the pinfall. This time, that preventative influence was none other than Sami Zayn. Not only would the best man from Owens’ wedding prevent the referee from counting to three following a pop-up powerbomb and stunner combo to Reigns. Zayn would go on to hit Owens with a low blow and a Helluva kick before offering him up as a sacrifice to Jey Uso. The Bloodline would win the match entirely because of Sami’s betrayal of Kevin.

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How Long Will This Honeymoon Period Last For The Bloodline?

Winning fixes all that ails, and that’ll likely be the case for The Bloodline following their massive victory at Survivor Series. Zayn stepped up for Reigns in a big way during WarGames and even seemed to earn the trust of Jey Uso in the process. WWE fans will probably witness a renewed honeymoon period for the group; the same dynamic that plays out in real life following a big fight. How long can the group remain stitched together, though? And will Sami Zayn carry resentment for being untrusted for so long? It’d be tough to blame him if he did.

WarGames was the most significant example of Sami going to bat for The Bloodline, but it was far from the first. Jey, in particular, was still pushing for Zayn to get booted from the faction mere hours before the WarGames match. It didn’t seem like Reigns fully believed that Sami wasn’t going to double-cross The Bloodline during the fight, either. When the two embraced backstage following their face-to-face conversation at Survivor Series, Roman appeared to have some second thoughts about trusting Zayn. That played out during the match when Reigns insisted that Sami enter the match second instead of Jimmy Uso. That was seemingly a test to determine whether he’d aid Jey Uso. If you’re Zayn, you’ve got to wonder why it’s taken so long to earn the trust of everyone in The Bloodline. He could have gone through the whole WarGames match without betraying Owens. Reigns put Zayn in a position where he felt like he had to do it, which could lead to tension down the line.

WWE Will Still Swerve Fans With Sami Zayn & The Bloodline

If this is the third act of The Bloodline play—and that’s what it seems like—then a swerve will come eventually. It still feels like Sami Zayn is a kid who’s over his head while trying to play mobster alongside Reigns and The Bloodline. As Roman stated during Survivor Series, the members of that faction are his family. Zayn can sell out whoever he wants and take as many finishers for Reigns as he wants, but he can’t change his blood. At the core, Sami’s saga with The Bloodline is a relatable story about a not-so-cool-kid trying to fit in with the affluent jock crowd. They give him hugs and accolades to his face, but there’s still the feeling that they laugh about Zayn behind his back.

Kevin Owens was wrong about thinking Sami would have his back during WarGames, but he was right about one thing: The Bloodline will eventually turn on Zayn. When that happens, WWE will have created a white-hot babyface capable of main eventing a WrestleMania. That’s how good of a job he’s done building up sympathy during this angle with The Bloodline.

WWE fans continue to wonder who will fight Reigns at WrestleMania 38. The Rock might be in play. Audiences have also dream-booked Cody Rhodes to win the Royal Rumble, allowing him to fight Roman for the unified titles in Hollywood. Even Seth Rollins has been discussed as the man who could end Reigns’ historic run as Universal Champion. Perhaps all of those guesses have missed the mark. Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns at The Showcase of the Immortals is starting to feel like a real possibility. Even if that isn’t how things end up going—WWE would be foolish to pass on getting The Rock involved, if possible—it shows just how essential storylines are when building relatable characters that fans want to cheer. Triple H and his creative team continue to hit homerun after homerun with The Bloodline saga.

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