Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood on what’s in store for her character in season 4

Sex Education star Aimee Lou Wood has opened up about what’s in store for her character in season 4 of the hit Netflix show.

Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs in the comedy drama, was speaking to Bustle about her upcoming movie Living when she discussed the next season. And it sounds like it could be a turbulent time for her.

“She’s not got her best friend with her, she’s not got a boyfriend for the first time ever. Also, she’s at this new school and she doesn’t have any mates. But what’s so amazing is that through art, Aimee finds something that connects her to herself,” she said.

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Wood explained that Aimee’s love for art will take her on a transformative journey in season 4, where she deals with the fact that others tend to think of her as unintelligent.

“I’ve always felt that Aimee isn’t stupid, and people think that she is. She’s so astute and emotionally intelligent, and has an incredible imagination. This season, she realises that she has a brilliant brain and has got loads to say,” she said.

“It’s all about her figuring out how she wants to express herself. That’s where the art comes into it.”

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Wood continued: “That’s the beauty of playing a character for so long, every time you get a new facet of their personality. I’ve always thought there’s no way that Aimee doesn’t get a little bit hurt by the fact that people dismiss her in terms of what she has to say.”

Her character isn’t the only one undergoing some change. Recently, Asa Butterfield said that his character Otis Milburn has also “evolved”.

“We’re in the new school, new locations, and things have changed up a bit. And we’ve got some new characters,” he said.

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“The show’s definitely sort of evolved somewhat. But it’s still got the core team involved and it’s been fun. I mean, we all know each other so well at this point, so it’s a great time and it’s a laugh.”

Season 4 is still in production and without an official release date. That means we may not get the fourth season until late 2023 or possibly even 2024.

Sex Education seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 is currently in production.

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