Sister Wives: Christine’s Nativity Post Mocking Kody Explained

Sister Wives star Christine Brown poked fun at her ex-husband Kody Brown with a silly Christmas nativity post, only days before the holidays began.

Christine Brown has kept her cool pretty well over the last few months, with Sister Wives fans recently noting a slight dig at Kody Brown, via a nativity display. In November 2021, the TLC couple called it quits after 25 years of marriage. While Christine has been taking the decision in stride, Kody has been losing his mind.

With the latest season of Sister Wives over, plenty of fans would agree that watching most of the episodes was hard, due to how Kody yelled and screamed at Christine. For years, the duo has been involved in a troubled relationship, and Christine finally got fed up with the patriarch. Kody shared with viewers that he felt betrayed and hurt, throwing out low blows at the mother of six. Viewers were appalled when Kody said he was never attracted to Christine, and that he’d married his third wife because he thought he had to.


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Christine Mocks Kody Over Christmas

Even with all the mean comments, Christine still gets the last laugh. Earlier in the week, Christine snapped a photo while at her local Home Depot, which showcased a pretty crowded nativity scene featuring Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. The red cardboard box showed Joseph in the middle with Jesus, and poor Mary smushed into the side, as if trying to escape. Christine captioned the photo, “Apparently, there was also no room in this box.” For years, Christine has been trapped within her own box, as Kody made all the rules, so she could clearly relate to the porcelain Mary.

Christine Is Loving Her Single Life

Sister Wives' Christine Brown smiling dressed in orange

Christine also shared that she would set up her own nativity scene every year. When Kody decided to come around, he would read the Bible’s Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Gwendlyn Brown said that she had to ask her partner Beatriz Queiroz what the post meant. One Sister Wives fan commented on the IG post, by stating that the holy family probably didn’t have a, “nanny” either, and even joked, “what does the innkeeper do?” The post made it clear that nobody could put the Baby Jesus doll (or Christine) in a corner, and fans loved how she was using humor to get back at the father of 18.

After leaving Kody behind in Arizona, Christine moved back to Utah, where she is closer to her children, parents, and sister. This will be the second Christmas that she spends away from the large polygamous family, but it looks like she is more than prepared. Sister Wives fans are now hoping that all three wives who’ve left Kody, including Meri and Janelle Brown, will be given their own spin-off show, highlighting how successful they are on their own.

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